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  1. suimui10

    calling all aqua ASC ppl born in the late 60s

  2. suimui10

    not exactly a beginner but I need your eyeball pls

    I have a lot of activity going on my chart right now and for the next X years. [NB: I'm not a beginner so please I would appreciate feedback from more experienced chart readers.] Could anyone please take a look and help me figure out what is going on and how to go with the flow? When do you...
  3. suimui10

    my SR chart and looking to learn more; need ur feedback

    I learned a lot by looking at other ppl's SR charts and noting the comments and observation made by others. I hope you indulge me in a reading of my own SR chart for the upcoming SR year (birthday in Nov). My question is do you see any salient elements or patterns in the SR chart? Given my...
  4. suimui10

    pet peeve

    How do you explain pet peeves astrologically? For instance, it drives me up the wall how irresponsible and unreliable some people are (say, they show eagerness to read your chart, you give them personal info, they pretend they are working on it and then they disappear with not as much as a line...
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    your help pls: how do I appease Neptune?

    It has been a long miserable T Nept transit during which Nept is stuck in the right degrees squaring my stellium in the 10th house (Sun, Merc, Nept). It seems no matter what other transits I have this one erodes the ground with negativity. I mean I'm in a no man's land, literally "bad" people...
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    help! how do I appease Neptune during a very difficult T Nept sq to my Sun?

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    T Nept sq N Sun/Nept/Merc and T Uranus trines N Sun at the same time: who wins

    I hope someone can help me figure this out. What happens when two co-ocurring transits seem counter forces to each other? I mean T Nept sq N Sun is notoriously negative and God knows I've been under its spell (and it's going on forever and it ain't pretty :annoyed:). But T Uranus from my 2nd...
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    5 planets in my 2nd house

    withdrawing my q
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    Neptune in Pisces transit

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    dream of a white eagle

    I thought we had a permanent thread somewhere about dream interpretation but can't see any, so I just started a new one with my question. [Feel free to move this where it belongs if I missed its better place. Thanks.] I had a dream in which I was being stared at by a white eagle. She was...
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    Another weird dream... help?

    In my dream, someone was bringing me an animal/pet of sorts saying that it was a dog because I love dogs but when they approached with the animal, and the animal was close enough to lick my hand, I discover in horror that it is a rat! EWwwwwwwwww! I didn't wake up in horror but I did jerk my...
  12. suimui10

    offering two tarot readings for two ppl (one question each)

    This is offered on a first come first served basis. Please do not PM me. Just post your question here. I will respond to the first two people who post their question here. As always, the more specific the question, the more specific the answer. gratefully, Sui PS: I will post my readings...
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    offering an extended tarot reading for ONE person (ONE question)

    Leave your question and I will do it some time today (in my timezone). That's ONLY offered for one person, one question. First come first served. Specific questions get specific answers; vague questions get -well duh- vague answers. thanks, Sui :)
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    it's my birthday tomorrow

    Hi guys, I wonder if anybody would like to offer me a birthday "treat" and take a look at my SR chart and write about 1 good thing that my SR+natal chart indicate that might be happening in my next solar year starting tomorrow noon (local). I know astrology makes no definite predictions. I am...
  15. suimui10

    offering tarot readings

    Unless I'm violating a rule of the board, I'd like to offer three tarot readings. How it works: you ask one specific question. I pull one (or more) cards and read them for you. I'm highly intuitive and have been doing this for a while (though first time on this board); to me it's just a pleasure...
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    New Moon in Scorpio (today)

    Or yesterday depending on your timezone. How is it treating you? It's on my 9th house and conj my N Venus, opposite my Moon and squaring my Mars in my ASC. Not sure it's any good for me given the above. Any takers?
  17. suimui10

    anyone following the Chandra Levy murder saga?

    I wonder if this illegal immigrant is guilty. To be honest I think the case stinks. I wish I could ask a horary about it but I'm not sure anyone would care to look at it.
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    packed 8th house: very spot-on link

    Just to get everyone's attention who have planets in the 8th house, please read this. I have been looking for a long time for a good article on the 8th house and this is IT. Major thanks to A50 and her links as I found this one in a post of hers. Truly great article. If your 8th house is...
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    Is numerology relevant to this forum? Up until a friend offered me a real numerology reading I thought numerology was all about adding up your personal numbers and figuring the one number that is your fate. :p Needless to say, that perception of numerology is not very useful. Neither is it what...
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    how to best cope with a Saturn yod

    My Sun/Merc sextile Uranus form a yod with Saturn in its apex. Saturn is in Taurus in the 3rd house. I've read the generalizations about yods. I need some help with figuring out how this plays in my chart. Recently T Pluto trined N Saturn (3rd pass) and I was in (midlife crisis type of)...