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  1. Piixy


    1. Does the concept of soulmate exist in astrology? I've definitely met a twin flame. Anywho, he's not the star sign I'd expected my self to wound up with haha. I have a few more questions, I will post our chart for a reading if anyone is interested. 2.. How can I tell which is the mars...
  2. Piixy

    Miss me? ;) Lol...:whistling:
  3. Piixy

    I'm back!

    I haven't logged on in two years or so? Lol... Piixy...if anyone remembers me, if not...even better. I can re-introduce myself on a clean slate ;) How's everyone? P.S If you're a virgo male, with venus in cancer HOLLA. We'll get along splendid. :biggrin:
  4. Piixy

    Taurus moon?

    I can't seem to find much information on this for some reason, but I'd love to know more about the taurus moon men in particular =]
  5. Piixy

    Virgo's? Virgo ascendants?

    I'd love to know all you've got to say about virgos and virgo ascendants....
  6. Piixy

    What can you tell me about this dude??

    Sun in Sag Moon and Venus in Scorp Mars in Virgo what a contradicting combo! anyhow this is the subject of my interest never really been into a sag before but i gotta say scorp and virgo are very obvious in him... what can you tell me ? :)
  7. Piixy

    Hi there, gotta love question who's got my answers? :)

  8. Piixy

    Guess my sign....

    Hi there, I'm new and naive =] I'd love to see your guesses on my sign...... and ofcourse why you think im that sign hehehe. ;) **2 new pics added**