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  1. MSO

    Astrology and MBTI

    I've found that my MBTI type matches up pretty well with my chart. For those of you who don't know (probably most), the MBTI is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It has 16 different personality types. As a mostly fire and air type (only 1 water planet, no earth), I come in at ENTP. I think it...
  2. MSO

    Predictive Astrology Book Recommendations

    I'm looking for recommendations on predictive methods of astrology. I have no preference for what you think is a good book. It doesn't matter if it's modern, traditional, or some quack method no one has ever heard of. I plan to read everything I can get my hands on. What I'm looking for in...
  3. MSO

    Mixing dignities; the results?

    So while reading Lilly, I decided to read over the dignities and how he defined them. It's quite interesting, especially for decanate: And we all know that being in domicle is being the lord of your own castle, so to speak. So the question is, if a planet is in both, how do we interpret...
  4. MSO

    John Frawley Books

    Anyone have the books "The Real Astrology" and/or "The Real Astrology Applied" by John Frawley? I'm thinking about buying these books. I heard they were really good, just looking for confirmation.
  5. MSO

    Leo Risers, Mars Rx in our 2nd House: Discussion

    I don't know about you guys, my fellow Leo risers, but I'm not looking forward to this retrograde cycle at all... Anyone have any interesting descriptions of it to share? Or your own personal stories? I've been driven to earn some money lately, and I'm afraid this retrograde cycle is going to...
  6. MSO

    Time for making money?

    So I can't help but look at this chart and think this is the month I start making some money! For starters, Aries ascendant so I'm immediately thinking "action." Then I have Jupiter in the 2nd House (finally direct!) in a trine with the Sun in 10th. Then Mars in the 6th, which I'm going to...
  7. MSO

    Pet peeves that people perpetuate!

    My biggest pet peeves about Sun signs. Aries are somehow seen as intelligent. :surprised: Taureans are somehow seen as useful. :lol: Gemini make sense. :w00t: Cancers are good friends. :crying: Leos care about others. :unsure: Virgos are clean people. :andy: Librans make good lawyers...
  8. MSO

    Hermetic Lots

    How do you use the Hermetic Lots? If you have natal planets conjunct them, what signification does this hold? When transiting planets contact them, does it do anything? What aspects do you consider?
  9. MSO

    Significators of Travel

    Using Lilly's method, I gathered from my own chart two points for traveling west, and two points for traveling east. The two planets, Mars and Mercury, are both in cardinal signs. Unless I'm doing it wrong, this is confusing :lol: Mercury's sole aspect is to Saturn, which is in a Fire sign...
  10. MSO

    Astrologer's Teachings

    Anyone have any videos to share of astrologers teaching? I have two I'd like to share here from the same conference in 2007. The first one is Robert Hand speaking on the topic of Reception and the second one is Maria Mateus speaking on the topic of Profections. They're both posted on a YouTube...
  11. MSO

    Ptolemy's "strength" of Planetary dignities

    In Christian Astrology, Lilly repeatedly refers to the strengths of planets as (paraphrasing here) "strong, moderate, and weak." The question I have is, what makes "moderate?" I understand strong and weak. So for example; Mercury in triplicity, being it's only essential dignity. Or Saturn in...
  12. MSO

    Stationary Jupiter

    I just found out Jupiter is stationary in my natal chart. What effects does this have? Does it make it stronger? Weaker? Is it just retrograde? :unsure: [deleted off-topic comment - Moderator]
  13. MSO

    Astrological Talismans

    Anyone have any experience with these objects? Do they work?
  14. MSO

    New Health Regiment

    What would you look for in determining the best time to start a full and total 180 in your health? Or, in other words, what would be the best time to begin a completely new regiment designed to un-do the health problems of yesterday and bring on the positive health of tomorrow?
  15. MSO

    Traditional: Career?

    So I have no idea what I want to do for my career. I think I'm going to end up just floating through life doing nothing. Any ideas? I hope I don't grow up to be a potter...
  16. MSO

    Moon in 8th House: Death

    I know some of you have the Moon in 8th. How are your feelings toward death? Personally, I've taken the philosophy "don't fear death, but don't look for it." How does the sign your Moon is in affect your position towards death? Mine's in Pisces, and for me, death is as normal as eating in the...
  17. MSO

    Mars Rx Opposite Sun

    So for this example, we'll take Mars retrograde in Mars H9 opposing the Sun in Libra H3. Now a Mars retrograde produces a person who would "find it difficult to assert himself because he is afraid of the consequences of releasing his anger." We all know what a Libra Sun is like. So the...
  18. MSO

    Relationship Questions: Traditional Astrology

    So the question I have is why I'm not having many relationships. I've had a few, including two with a pair of cousins :lol: but it gets sort of lonely after spending months in between them. I guess it's mostly because of Saturn in the 5th House and ruling the 7th. But I sort of thought that...
  19. MSO

    Figuring out intercepted Sagittarius/Gemini

    Hey everyone. To be honest, I'm entirely lost, but I'm going to give this a shot anyways. So I'm trying to figure out how exactly I can handle these intercepted signs. I mean, everyone says to use the duplicated signs. But how? How does Leo on the 2nd House cusp affect my Sagittarius absorbed...
  20. MSO

    The "True" Birthchart of Jesus

    I stumbled (literally, stumbleupon!) this interesting article today. Not sure if it's been posted here or if there's been 100 million posts about it already or whatever, but anyways.. The page in question: The chart in question: Of particular...