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    Please Read Before Posting Here!

    Hi all. I find it necessary to place a sticky here due to the large amount of inappropriately placed posts that turn up in this category. While it is no trouble to me at all to simply move posts into their appropriate categories where they have been misplaced, this section has such a large...
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    UK/Romania Timezone Conversion. Confused. Help?

    Hi. Radu of you're reading this could you help? If not could anybody help? This may sound like such a stupid question and I ought to know better, but I tend to get my mind very easily in a scramble when it comes to numbers, and as obvious as the answer to this might seem to a more...
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    Where's Sorehearted?

    I wondered if any knew what happened with Sorehearted? I know I have periods of absence now and again, but I've noticed she doesn't seem to have been around for a pretty long time, and I miss reading her horary interpretations. :( When was she last around?
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    Saturn into Virgo: September 2007.

    It's not going to be too long now before Saturn exits his long period of exile through the signs of the luminaries, and enters Virgo, where he will still be peregrine for most of his journey, but at least he will get to recuperate some strength in his terms between 18 - 24 degrees. What are...
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    Greeting New Members.

    Does anyone think we ought to make more effort to greet new members to the forums? I have noticed that in the 'Introduce Yourself' section, new members who are polite enough to introduce themselves, often only get one, or maybe two responses. There was a very friendly introduction by Soul...
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    Who's Who? An Astrological Exploration.

    I thought that this would be both fun and interesting. Here I provide the charts of four people, all of whom have fame (or infamy) at various levels. All of these nativites belong to men, three are American, one is Canadian. Three of the men are still living, one is now dead. The data is...
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    Remodelling an Avatar. has a wonderful selection of avatars. The trouble is, they have their very annoying logo at the bottom right hand corner, which spoils many of them aesthetically. I have changed my avatar after having had the same one for ages, and the colour goes well with the boards, but that...
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    David Beckham.

    For years there has never been a verifiable birth time for David Beckham, but the other day I noticed that Astrodatabank now has his chart on file, and his birth time is given a Rodden rating of 'AA', as the time is taken from an autobiography by his father, noting his birth time. So for...
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    Questioning Angles.

    Okay, now I'm really confused. I was on my way home this morning, before light, and I noticed the Moon, large and low in the Western sky. It was while looking at this Moon that I was inspired along a particular train of thought, and after a few minutes, I cast a horary in order to answer a...
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    Secondary Progressed Ascendant Reaching Aries 0.

    Okay, this does not necessarily pertain to psychology, but I don't where else to post this. I wanted to know if any of you have experienced your progressed ascendant reach the Aries point, and how is it that you experienced this part of your life? Has anyone you know experienced this...
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    Marquis de Sade?

    Wiki entries on de Sade: Quotations: All considered, which of these charts best describes the Marquis? Chart 1: Chart 2:
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    Election for Successfully Quitting Smoking.

    I wish to stop smoking once and for all. This will be no easy task. Smoking has been part of my daily life for about ten years or more now, probably about twelve years if I'm honest with myself. All of my adult life I have never not smoked between ten and twenty cigarettes a day. If I'm out...
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    Missing Receipt.

    Question: Where is the receipt? Data: 28 November 2006, 11.03am, GMT,'3-W-2 / 53-N-45'. Background: I've bought a CD for a friends birthday, but I have now discovered that they have since purchased this same CD, so now I wish to exchange it at the shop for something else as I don't want...
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    Mortal Chart of Alexander Litvinenko.

    "Litvinenko died at the University College London at 9:21 p.m. (2121 GMT) ..., " a spokesman for the hospital said, reading a statement. "He was seriously ill when he was admitted to UCH on Friday November 17 and the medical team at the hospital said it did everything possible to save his...
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    The Significator when the Reading does not Concern you.

    Lately I have been thinking about those charts in which the inquiry does not immediately concern the inquirer, and which cusp should be taken as the main significator for such questions. I really ought to be clear on this by now, but I am confused as to what is most appropriate, as I have...
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    Horary Tutorials.

    It is desirable that when you post a horary question, that you make an attempt at giving your own perspective on the chart, even if only a couple of sentences or so. This shows a real interest in astrology and a willingness to learn. I here provide several links to horary tutorials on the...
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    Declination Astrology and Calculator. I am utterly baffled by this, can someone explain? Okay, so I understand that there are 360 degrees of longitude measured from East to West around the equator, and the equator projected onto the celestial sphere forms the celestial...
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    Being Impartial in Horary Judgement, Keeping it Simple and Understanding Questions.

    Recently, Radu submitted an article on AW about the importance of making absolutely sure we understand the nature of that which is being asked of us before proceeding to interpret a horary chart. It's very easy to presume that we understand what is being asked, when further inquiry might reveal...
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    Tampering with the Natal.

    When I first became interested in astrology, and inquired of my mother what time I was delivered at by caesarian section, she told me that this was 6pm, she was quite certain of this, but I refused to believe her. I had the romantic notion that I was Pisces rising, I was insistent upon this. I...
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    5th February, 1962.

    Were any of you, or anyone you know born during the Aquarian stellium on the 5th February 1962, when all the seven visible planets were in that one sign? As if this event was not phenomenal enough, it also coincided with a total solar eclipse. As well as this, in 1962, the Chinese New Year...