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  1. craft94

    Solar Return 2018

    What does anyone make of this Solar Return chart? What do you predict for me for the year ahead? I have my own ideas but since you can never be an objective interpreter of your own charts, I'm curious what other people have to say about it :biggrin: I attached both the standalone SR chart and...
  2. craft94

    What signs are least likely to ghost?

    I keep seeing memes on social media about cutting people out of your life, ghosting them, etc. and I swear I have seen these memes be attributed to every sign at least once, including my own signs (Libra, Scorpio, etc.) And it's got me thinking: which sign isn't this way? Which sign is least...
  3. craft94

    Hello everyone, it's me again

    I haven't been on here for maybe... over a year now? I used to be a pretty active poster, but stopped because I got bored and became too busy with my own life. And not due to any some trolls, with their massive egos, may have liked to believe. I still probably won't be on much but I'm...
  4. craft94

    I'm a Libra and I don't care about social conventions.

    I made this post because in theory, Libras should care about social conventions. That's because Libra represents the values that supposedly hold the fabric of society together: fairness, truth, justice, love, peace. But the sad reality is that these things are considered unconventional. Our...
  5. craft94

    Why I Never Plan To Have Sex with a Cancer I don't want crabs in my pubic area, thanks.
  6. craft94

    Let's Play A Game: Astrological Practice!

    I'll post a Solar Return, you'll guess what happened that year and whether or not it was a good one. Or I'll post a Lunar Return, you'll guess what happened that month. Or I'll post an event chart, you'll guess what that event was. Then you'll do the same and I will have to interpret it. You...
  7. craft94

    Is he into me?

    Mars is in the 7th house which means I'm the more interested party. I don't see it but ok. But Venus is making a sextile to Mars conjunct POF. Hmmm... in his 11th house so he only considers me a friend?
  8. craft94

    Why do people act like Libras are weak?

    Not only are we exalted by Saturn but we're ruled by the planet Venus. Venus is deadly. In fact, scientists say it's the most deadly planet in the solar system. Clouds of sulpher, mountains of lava..the air is unbreathable, the atmosphere will crush you It used to be very much like Earth but...
  9. craft94

    Does anyone find Pluto in the 6th house attractive?

    This is a general and genuine question. I really need to know.
  10. craft94

    Uranus Opposite Sun experiences

    Uranus is going to oppose my Sun and my Mercury. The aspect becomes exact on June 9th. It will be triggering my 11th and 5th houses. I was born with Uranus (in the 8th house) square Sun + Merc natally but the orbs wider than the one I use for transits and the Uranus-Uranus square is...
  11. craft94

    Are female Gemini Risings attractive?

    I think so. Sexier than Scorpio Rising by a long shot. And more evil too :devil: Hahah jk Who doesn't want a woman with a mind? Oh yeah, lots of 'em but they're all ugly dudes into who aren't worth my time. They don't have brains themselves and they need a woman with none to makes...
  12. craft94

    Does anyone find Libras attractive?

    This is a general and genuine question. I feel like I'm incapable of being wanted.
  13. craft94

    Random political thoughts

    I consider myself a libertarian. By this, I do not mean 'libertarian party.' I did not vote for Gary Johnson. By 'libertarian,' I mean what the word actually says - liberty is something I highly value and this value has great influence on my political beliefs. But somehow, some people also...
  14. craft94


    My friend just asked me to post this synastry chart. She's the Aries. The Leo is a guy she likes. They're not currently together due to personal circumstances but have left things open for the future. Do you mind taking a look?
  15. craft94

    When will I get married?

    And to who, I wonder... I'm terrible with timing but Jupiter's trine to Mercury makes me think it will happen eventually :smile: If anyone wants to know the reason why I'm so desperate to get married (which I only realized fairly recently), I'll PM you. It's interesting to see that Jupiter's...
  16. craft94

    Will there be anything sexual in this encounter?

    I'm confused because it actually looks like a yes and I didn't think it would be. I'm mainly looking at the trine between the Moon and the Sun as a co-significator. Moon rules his 5th house too. Jupiter and Mercury aren't aspecting though so I'm not sure. If yes, it looks like I'm going to be...
  17. craft94

    Is it OK to ask about the same person multiple times if the questions different?

    Within a short frame of time. A friend and I were just talking about it. For instance if I ask a question like, "when will he contact me?" And ask "how will he respond if i contact him?" a couple days later. I've heard that it doesn't work if you ask over and over again about the same...
  18. craft94

    Whats Your Biggest Flaw and what in your chart causes it?

    I feel like mine is that I talk too much. It isn't even that I think I'm annoying or anything like that. I'm sure some people find me annoying but I like people who talk. It's more that I feel I blurt things out too much and share things that I later realize I rather wouldn't. I'm too honest and...
  19. craft94

    When will he be ready to contact me?

    The 'me' in question isn't actually me. I'm asking for a friend who doesn't have an account on here. Jupiter is in Libra retrograde in the 9th house. Moon is also in the 9th house. This shows that my friend wants him to message but since his sig, Merc, is opposing her in the 3rd house, he is...
  20. craft94


    So, I met this guy a couple weeks ago. Yet another Gemini. I really like him and he seems to really like me but I don't want to get involved with someone only for them to hurt me again. What do you guys think? The first thing that stands out to me is that Vertex-Asc conjunction. I don't know...