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  1. Sakti

    Happy Holi dear Astrologers

    Happy Holi! :happy: regards, Sakti
  2. Sakti

    Is there anyone from Australia?

    Hey guys I am leaving to Australia in a month since am married to a person in Sydney, Australia. I wanna know the friends who are residing in Australia:cool: regards, Sakti
  3. Sakti

    Read my chart

    [moved chart request to new thread - Moderator] DOB: 14/05/1992 TOB: 7:30AM POB: Amalapuram, Andhra Pradesh, India regards, Sakti
  4. Sakti

    Happy new year

    I wish u a very Happy New Year dear astrologers and friends :):smile:
  5. Sakti

    What to opt? Higher studies or Marriage?

    Respected Astrologers, My sister is pursuing 4th year medicine. In another year she will complete her medicine. She is very much interested to go for higher studies. She is 22years old. So, we are searching a suitable match for my sister. Here with I have attached her birth chart: Date of birth...
  6. Sakti

    Conjuction of mercury, moon and ketu in 8th house?

    Hello! :) We got a marriage proposal yesterday for my sister. The chart details of groom: Date of birth: 13/8/1988 Time of birth: 6:22pm place of birth: kurnool, andhra pradesh, India Chart details of bride: DOB: 14/5/1992 TOB: 7:30am POB: Amalapuram, andhra pradesh, India In the groom's...
  7. Sakti

    Good news regarding Saturn rahu conjunction

    Hello dear friends, Its a good news for all the sufferers.... who suffered from saturn-rahu conjunction in Gochara(planetary transit). This conjunction will break up in the month of July 2014. Rahu enters virgo while Saturn continues in Libra till November 2014. Saturn eventhough in good...
  8. Sakti

    Happy Sree RamaNavami!

    Happy SreeRama Navami guys! thanks and regards, Sakti
  9. Sakti

    transit of planets(gochara) or Astrology????

    Hello, Between transit of planet(gochara) and Astrology; what should be given more preference? Gochara or Horoscope(Mahadasha, antardasha etc)???? For example, For people born in Taurus zodiac, Saturn is in 6th along with rahu and Jupiter is in 2nd. Saturn in 6th is very beneficial in case of...
  10. Sakti

    Happy holi! :)

    Happy Holi guys! regards, Sakti
  11. Sakti

    Happy mahasivarathri!

    Happy MahaSivarathri guys!:happy::smile: Enjoy the Festival! regards, Sakti
  12. Sakti

    How to calculate Dasha Sesha?

    Can anyone explain me how to calculate exact Dasha sesha? As per softwares available online my dasha sesha is 7year 3months(Moon Dasha Sesha). My grand father who is an astrologer calculated my Dasha Sesha as 7years 7months. Am sad to say that he is no more now. I missed an opportunity to...
  13. Sakti

    Saturn - such a mighty & beautiful planet

    Images of Saturn appears to be very interesting. Looks beautiful and giant with prominent ring system. :love::lol: But how rediculous! If this mighty planet is misplaced is the birth chart; one has to experience the hell on Earth!:unsure: And if Saturn is placed in the correct house; a lay...
  14. Sakti

    My sister's exam results?

    Hello! My sister is pursuing medicine. she is awaiting her 2nd semester exam results. She stood 1st in her college and is university 3rd......... Will she top the university this time? we are eagerly waiting for her results because question papers are very tough. thanks & regards, Sakti
  15. Sakti

    Is there any chance for me to settle abroad?

    Hello! I wish to settle abroad. My horoscope details: 24-11-1988 7:25A.M Visakhapatnam, andhra pradesh, India As per my knowledge I think 9th house is related to foreign ............ My 9th house lord is in 7th house. So will I go abroad only after marriage / through spouse? or else is there any...
  16. Sakti

    What does my dream mean?

    Hello! Yesterday I had a nightmare...... I was walking on a bank of river with my Mother enjoying the beauty of the river. All of a sudden; I have seen huge waves in river as if in see/ocean. I have suspected in my dream that these waves may turn into a cyclone in water. And I took my Mom along...
  17. Sakti

    Rashi sandhi

    Hello! If rashi sandhi is observed in a particular horoscope is there any method to predict the correct readings? For suppose, in the chart attached; saturn and moon are 29deg & 29deg respectively.... in this case, how can the results of saturn and moon be predicted? will saturn gives the...
  18. Sakti

    will I get back my lost camera?

    Hello! Unfortunately I have lost my camera on 27 Jan 2014, 9 - 10:30p.m(IST) in a function at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India. Can anyone plz tell me if I get back my camera? I have searched every nook and corner but invain! :(
  19. Sakti

    which career suits me among the following?

    Hello! I have completed my graduation in Engineering(Electricals and Electronics). Now I had three career paths infront of me to choose. 1. In my core as an Engineer 2. Civil services (Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, Indian Forest Service, etc) 3. Journalism Am interested...
  20. Sakti


    Hi! Am very happy to join this forum. I have joined yesterday. Many posts are useful and many doubts in astrology are clarified by experts here. A good stage for Astrology............ Thank you!