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    Natal chart planets conjunct black holes

    Looking at the conjunctions: 9 Cancer : my NN (Caput). 28 Leo : my Luna. 9 Virgo : my Venus. 4 Aquarius: my ascendant! I'm really not sure, this is a totally new idea to me. I'll have to do some thinking about this one. Will be interesting to see what other people's ideas are. Thanks for...
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    am i going to die?

    I can empathise. This time last year I nearly died of a very rare form of pneumonia which kills the victim more rapidly than any other form known. I was quarantined in an isolation unit for weeks, and I was sure I was going to die, there was no doubt in my mind, and the doctors told my relatives...
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    New Muslim

    Sister Kylie, It’s amazing how all this looks from this new perspective isn’t it? :) It was perhaps better in retrospect to leave your farewell unannounced, but you sought to make dawa, and this is honourable, those who wish to discover more, will do so, what will be, will be, in accordance...
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    Jesus' Birth Chart

    My ideas expressed on this thread in 2006 no longer reflects my current opinion. I still feel that Jesus would have been born beneath the middle, and brightest of the conjunctions, but I feel that Andrew Bevan hit the nail on the head when he set the chart for the 'acronycal culmination' of...
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    Jesus was NOT born on 25th December

    Of the rare triple conjunction in 7 BC of Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces, the middle conjunction was the brightest, and I consider personally that it might have made sense for Jesus to have been born under the middle and brightest of this sequence of conjunctions, the first announcing a messiah...
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    no offence to Libras ment by this...

    It has also taken my interest that Libra is the only sign represented by an inanimate object. By extension, can Libra have significance over man-made things in general? What do man made objects symbolise in general? Has this something to do with 'karma'? Libra is completely devoid of...
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    Why was this horary wrong? Antisica gave a yes!

    Look again. There is no conjunction by antiscia between the Sun and Saturn in any case. :rolleyes: The Sun is at Sagittarius 21.50, and so it's antiscion is at Capricorn 08.10, or it's contra-antiscion is at Cancer 08.10, but Saturn is in neither of these degrees, Saturn is at Leo 08.10, and...
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    What aspects point to astrologers?

    Sure. I used to think I was Pisces rising. I cast my chart from the tme my mother had given me for my birth which was 18.00, but I never trusted this as it sounded rounded off to me, and I couldn't be sure by just far off it was. I had the strong notion that I ought to be Pisces rising, and...
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    What aspects point to astrologers?

    This took my interest. I also feel that my interest in astrology has a lot to do with a conjunction of Mercury to Saturn in Libra, if not so much my interest in it, but the type of astrology that I am applied to. Mercury conjoined with Saturn suggests a mindfulness of tradition, and Saturn...
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    What aspects point to astrologers?

    I am indeed. :p I'm tidier in theory than in practice though!
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    What aspects point to astrologers?

    It depends how you look at it. Most would say I have. Mountain: Interesting. I have Uranus at Sagittarius 01.11, and the MC at 07.07. I only observe an orb of two degrees between an angle and Uranus, Neptune or Pluto, and so this is a little wide for a conjunction for me, as such I don't...
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    Will Horary be able to answer deep and profound questions on spirituality etc?

    Hi Ckr. The thing about philosophical questions, is that there is never really an answer for sure. The aim of horary is to do the precise opposite, to eliminate confusion and speculation, and to try and determine the facts. With sufficient interest, aptitude, ethusiasm and a willingness to...
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    Will his health improve?

    Hi Adriana. No, you didn't offend me at all, nor do I think you offended anyone else. I understand that you're a new member, which is why I politely referred you to the appropriate forum for natal considerations. ;)
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    Will his health improve?

    Proluna, Forgive me, but might I inquire as to why it is that you are repeatedly requesting natal data from querent's submitting posts to the horary forum? :p I understand that you do not practice horary astrology, but I am sure that there are ample charts for you to attempt to interpret in...
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    Hi Tikana. Yes, Atlantic Standard Time (-4). ;)
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    What is the Soul in astrology?

    Why should it? Shape and form, like time and space, are conditions of physical existence. The soul is not physical.
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    Just wanted to add, that when the construction of the Titanic began on the 31st March, 1909, with the laying of the keel, we can actually also have a time of day for this. The working day for the shipyard builders began at 7.30am, so this is the time at which the construction of the Titanic...
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    The design for the Titanic was approved in Belfast on the 29th July, 1908. *Construction for the Titanic began in Belfast on 31st March 1909, with the laying of the keel. *The very first launch of the Titanic took place in Belfast at 12.15pm on 31st May, 1911. Titanic left Belfast for the...
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    What is the ruler of astronomy?

    This is a misunderstanding. Lilly tells us on page 317, of CA 1, concerning Saturn's 'Quality of Men': However, Lilly is not using the word, 'clown' in the way that we do. A quick look at the index at the back of the book, reveals that a 'clown', in 17th Century England, refers to 'a country...