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    Princess Diana Bulimia in Birth Chart Interpretation, Eating disorder question

    What in Princess Diana’s birth chart indicated she would struggle with Bulimia? I have read that some say it’s Moon square venus which she has. I also was wondering if it could be that Saturn was in her first house? She has no planets in her 6th house. There’s so much to take away from her chart...
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    I have a Grand cross please help! Jupiter 10H Libra opposite Venus 4H Aries square Mars 7H Cancer in opposition to Uranus/Neptune 2H Capricorn
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    First meeting chart predictions

    Will he and I date this summer? Will we even be in the same place? Not sure how to attach so here’s link to first meeting chart. He was my tennis instructor, so wondering if that’s all it will be or if dating is in the cards! Thanks...
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    Will I be in a relationship or dating anyone this summer?

    My birth chart...
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    T square chart interpretation
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    First Meeting Chart progressions: Will we date?

    First meeting chart 11:01am August 28, 2019 nantucket, ma He is currently dating someone else Will we ever date?
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    Synastry meaning, sun conj ASC, asc conjunct moon, Pluto trine asc, asc conj jupiter

    Hi can someone please help analyze this synastry chart? Me March 19, 1993 in Greenwich, CT at 12:11am Him April 18,1995 Boise Idaho 5:50am We have the ASC aspects listed above (my planet listed first). Sag and Pisces) His sun is also conjunct my Venus and my Venus is conjunct his sun. (Aries...
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    Will he ever and I ever be friends again?

    My bday: March 19, 1993 at 12:11 am greenwich, CT His bday: July 29, 1993 unknown time Long Island City, NY I know it’s hard to tell without birth time because you can’t tell ascendant or the houses, but curious if it’s likely given how we interact with each other and our personalities...
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    What job should I get? I’m interested in too many things!

    My birth info: March 19, 1993 at 12:11 am greenwich, ct I’ve gotten in depth reports but still am at a loss. I know that my 10th house MC is in libra. My jupiter is in the 10th house too. My rising sign is sagittarius (ruled by jupiter). Pisces sun, mercury and Aquarius moon. My sun and moon...
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    What job should I do?

    I don’t even know what I want to do for a living...there are too many possibilities of what I’m interested in. Bday: March 19, 1993 at 12:11 am, Greenwich, CT Thank you so much for your help! [moved thread hijacking post - Moderator]
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    Help identifying an ascendant from personality and appearance only (no birth time)

    I’m wondering if someone can please help me guess what kind of ascendant my friend is? Trying to figure out based on Appearance and what I know about his personality. Don’t have birth time. Appearance: short but oh my god handsome, every girl falls for him, he could look at you and you’d...