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    What to do with considerations before judgement?

    The list of considerations before judgement is well-known, but in case someone forgot, here it is: Less than 3 degrees rising More than 27 degree rising Moon in Via Combusta (15° Libra - 15° Scorpio), unless conjunct Spica (?) Moon Void of Course, unless in Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius or Pisces...
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    Besieged and aided planets

    According to most sources I’ve read, a besieged planet is a planet separating from one malefic and right after that applying to another malefic. The malefics are Mars and Saturn. A planet can be positively besieged (or aided, as some sources say) when it is separating from one benefic and...
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    Does the whole signs system work for you?

    OK, I know that there are a lot of topics about the whole signs system, you may not bother telling me that. :happy: I just thought it was reasonable to start anew instead of reviving some old threads. My question is simple: does it work for you or not? This thread is neither about the history of...
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    Do your Sun and Moon describe your parents?

    From what I’ve learned, the Sun is the primary masculine force that can be linked to your father, and the Moon is the primary feminine force that can be linked to your mother. I’m slightly confused how the positions of the Sun and the Moon in a sign and a house differ from each other when...
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    Question for confusing daytime/nighttime charts

    This question can be applied to many people who have their Sun just below the descendant or just above the ascendant. Say, someone has his/her Sun below the ascendant, but it shifts to the 7th house with whole signs and appears as if it is above the ascendant-descendant axis. Would it be...
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    Do people with dignified Venus have better taste?

    OK, this is kind of a silly question. :lol: But I'm genuinely interested what you think about this. If you have your Venus in Taurus, Libra or Pisces, do you think you have a good taste? Do other people with strong Venus give you this impression? What exactly in your opinion makes a good taste...
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    Thread for people with stelliums in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses

    So traditionally the 6th, 8th and 12th houses are considered to be evil and malefic. The 6th house is about duties, responsibilities and hard work which is not rewarded. The 8th house is about death, fears and other people’s money. The 12th house, the most unfortunate of all, is about sorrow...
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    Let’s talk about exaltation degrees

    According to the traditional astrology, for each planet in the sign of its exaltation there is one specific degree which is especially potent and dignifying for this planet. In case you’ve never heard of it or forgot what these degrees are, here is a list of them: Sun: 19th degree of Aries...
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    Your experience with Neptune

    What is your experience with Neptune in the houses? Neptune is supposed to bring some foggy and uncertain atmosphere to the matters related to the house it’s in. Neptune doesn’t seem like a very pleasant planet but it’s quite fascinating. :smile: Does Neptune cause you emotional or mental...
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    Where is my Sun???

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    Wondering about my career

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    What can you say about this natal chart?

    What can you say about this person's natal chart? It's not mine but I am interested in receiving any kind of analysis. I don't have a particular question so there are some general ones. How do you feel about this chart overall? Is there anything that grabs your attention? What are this person's...
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    A whole lot of questions

    Need some answers! Any help matters :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile: