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  1. jac

    Swimming in Transits

    Apologies, attempted to delete.
  2. jac

    Will conditions improve?

    Moved to predictive astrology!
  3. jac

    Is that light the end of the tunnel or another freight train?

    Heartened by another afflictee of 1st house Saturn, I'm wondering if anyone can make sense of this. I'm punchdrunk from trying to decipher the chart, or is it the events that have hammered me? Not seeking sympathy (I know where it sits in the dictionary, thanks), just some feedback from...
  4. jac

    Can Vedic shine a light on me?

    Hello! I've tried other systems with varying degrees, some great, some so-so. Wondering if any Vedic Aces are interested in seeing what's going on with me. Terrible trouble lately, and of course hoping for a good outcome, but things are not looking good. Me and my beloved going through awful...
  5. jac

    House Systems & P.O.F.

    Every so often I look at an assortment of charts trying to make comparisons and see if something different jumps out. So it occurs to me that something isn't quite right in the Tropical Placidus for my Part of Fortune, which it places in the 4th house (impossible). The placement actually fits...
  6. jac


    Hello dear people. Something awful has befallen me & my s.o.. Here we are; The worst of this has befallen my s.o. with those nasty oppositions. I'm the one with the ostensibly benign trines. Please forgive me for not being more specific. It involves the assault by a psychotic malevolent who...
  7. jac

    Aquarian Astrology???

    OK, you got me; Other Astrology Here, you can discuss anything else astrological that doesn't belong in the other boards. Includes medical astrology, mundane astrology, parts, sports astrology, research and development, degree symbols, fixed stars, asteroids, symbols systems, karma, and...
  8. jac

    A real doozy..

    This is a gem of some sort- maybe YOU know from whence this came..? I was seeking assistance last fall with ugly aspects that obscured my objectivity, and this was one of the responses. Is there ANY conceivable school to which this insanity could be ascribed? Every action, every word, even...
  9. jac

    My interceptions are in mutual reception...

    See this much? Maybe I'm just tired, but it seems the deeper I dive, the weirder it gets. Here's Exhibit A; Your feedback is welcome!
  10. jac

    How do I interpret the outer transit houses?

    Can anyone please explain the houses of the transits; i.e.; My natal chart inside and the outer chart of the transiting planets showing aspects, BUT the transit's 11th & 12th houses are lining up outside my 1st house, AND transiting 1st house is taking up all of my 2nd & part of my 3rd. Of...
  11. jac

    4th House Worries

    The home situation has not been good since before Uranus took up residence in my 4th house, but next year Mars shows up to keep him company and I'm afraid we'll have to leave. Do you see anything different? I progressed the transit to Aug of 2020 to see this foreboding occurrence. It's been a...
  12. jac

    Rules of Most Elevated Planet?

    I've scoured the internet trying to find these, not a whiz but can't seem to determine which of these planets is the most elevated. I feel them both, but clearly is must be one or the other. Do you know definitively which one it would be, and can you please tell me why? Thanks or having a look!
  13. jac

    Hoping for a fresh prognosis

    deleted for lack of interest.
  14. jac

    Navigating transits..

    Barely hanging on- Please help? Having a real struggle, extremely difficult time. Need insight please? Unprecedented ugly transits, at least for me. Having liquidated my assets due to family crisis, now my home and small business are in jeopardy "out of the blue!" Please, can you tell me...
  15. jac

    HELP! The wheels are comin' off!

    Can't delete Never mind. No one cares.
  16. jac

    Have a look?

    Forget it. never mind.
  17. jac

    No Spring Chicken

    bfd ............forget it
  18. jac

    Stubborn Student

    Here I am again. I've been an aficanado of astrology for an embarassingly long time to be as poor at it as I am. Now in my 50's I finally got the mercury out of my head and will attempt the AFA course again even though I find it loaded w/stereotypes and grueling. All the practitioners out here...