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    Your most emphasized house and how it has manifested for you

    My take is that this doesn't seem wholly un-Leo. You are the keyholder. That is a pivotal role in the day-to-day of the company. Day-to-day being 6th house. Do you know those stories of Kings being keyholders to their countries, treasure rooms etc? I believe it's archetypal.
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    My Saturn Return is HERE - and it's hitting conj transit Saturn-Pluto. HELP.

    I don't have advise for you, but I was born on a day very close to your birthday and I'm going through something similar. You are not alone. We will get through this.
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    Scorpio/Scorpio AC, Sagittarius Stellium in the 1st house, is that a YOD?

    Hey, I don't see a yod in your chart but there's a t-square with your early degree Sag planets, Mars, and Saturn. It's another triangular formation. A yod is made of two inconjunctions like the one from Mars to pluto, but in your case there is only one. The other planet would have to be in early...
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    Can't wrap my head around a 2D birth chart

    To the OP, if you are still wondering, this vid does a good job explaining: I would indeev like to see 3d charts
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    A wonderful explanation of the Yod configuration

    It does feel that way. Good text.
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    Random Thoughts, strictly Text

    I believe I have his planetary strength calculator. im pretty sure it was non transparent as to his method but I'll check
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    Chatter and natter 😍😍

    Do you know who the mods are?
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    How does Mercury govern both thinking and speech?

    What makes them come together through Mercury? Is thinking a form of speaking, or is speaking a form of thinking, or both? If speaking and thinking did not exist as words, would Mercurying suffice as a verb to replace them both?
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    Can we talk about chiron

    Mercury is in my 10th, Chiron in the 12th. It's pronounced, although not the worst that I've heard. They both went to 13 different schools across 12 grades? What a bizarre coincidence. Did you feel any other kinship to them? I don't really want to talk about my own stuttering if I'm honest. It...
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    Can we talk about chiron

    What age were you when he had you do public speaking? Do you remember a point of 'getting over it'? I developed a stutter around the same age, and it's stil there. Mercury has an almost exact sextile to chiron in my chart.
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    Can we talk about chiron

    I'd like to make a correction to help avoid confusion because this statement made me confused and caused me to look up their sizes Chiron is around 200km in diameter (with an angular diameter of max 0.035") Pluto is 2.370km in diameter (with an angular diameter of 0.06″ – 0.11″) I have nothing...
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    A theory about where you are born and your happiness in life.

    i agree, transplanting birth time astrology onto countries feels a bit too easy for me how can you trust when a country started? -- in someone's mind, in a contract, at a decisive moment in war?
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    Is it right time to meet someone?

    You have to post your chart still
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    What is the natal aspects etc of bad communication skill?

    I can't tell you what you can or can't say, you're right. Based on what was described, I'm not sure that the colleagues have said this directly to the boring guy. They would be awkward things to say to someone, anyway. But I don't know.
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    What is the natal aspects etc of bad communication skill?

    I suppose that works for a 10th house pluto person. Kinda feel I need the struggle of finding my voice right now as a learning experience. I doubt I could do the solitary work. Was this how you got less awkward?
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    What is the natal aspects etc of bad communication skill?

    can I ask what houses are your mercury and pluto in? if you feel that you were boring, was that mostly in situations related to these houses? pluto is in my 4th, mercury 10th. I fear being open in the workplace most of all, worried that ill reveal something incriminating that will set my...
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    What is the natal aspects etc of bad communication skill?

    you don't know enough to call the colleagues cruel
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    What is the natal aspects etc of bad communication skill?

    He sounds like myself. It can be related to a fear of revealing personal info, making conversation boring, not consciously, so that nothing revealing has to be said. I have pluto opposite mercury, but I expect pluto mercury aspects aren't the only indicators.