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    Will I have a boyfriend within the next three months?

    Hey! I casted this chart a couple of days ago to see if I'd have a somewhat relationship with another man within the next three months. It is more of a 7th house thing for me rather than 5th but I see both significators involved. I am Gem Mars in the 7th (I am a He, and thinking about the...
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    Am I infected? Bat

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    Would this treatment work?

    Hello! This year I started to pay more attention to my teeth. After researching and seeing many different orthodontists I learnt that I have a lot of issues to solve. I liked especially one of the doctors I met but I have doubts about the treatment, mostly because it will be very expensive. I...
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    Will we like each other?

    Hey! So, I'm a bit bored of online dating and I considered casting this chart not to loose more energy. I was wondering if we are going to like each other, I haven't met him personally yet. It's a two males question. I see I am Venus in Aries and Moon in Scorpio, both receive him/L7 by...
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    Is this a good psychological therapy?

    Hey! So my question is: is this a good psychological therapy for me right now? I have been seeing this therapist for a bit less than a year, but only sporadically, like once every three weeks. I have been in longer treatments before. I started this one after a complicated psychedelic session, as...
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    First Saturn Return

    Hello! I am currently going through my first Saturn Return. My chart has a preponderant Saturn, domiciled in Aquarius and the first house, aspecting a bunch of personal planets. I feel Saturn's transit through my 12th house has been a before and after. Important mental health issues emerged...
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    About surgery

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    Deleted post
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    SR + Venus return. 12th stellium?

    Hello! I am starting to read my coming SR chart. It is ambivalent to me, and I see many objects of the chart in a late degree or about to change house/sign. The Sun is in the 1st but very close to the cusp of the 2nd Aries rising but 29th degree Moon in Aquarius 10th but in the cusp of the...
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    Is there a problem?

    Hello! I am casting this chart to see if this person has a problem with me, or what does she think about me. She is a girl my age, part of the same group in a creative project. There have been some small group conflicts but we never talked about them and I don't know. I just feel something is...
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    Would it be healing?

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    Hello! I am enrolling in a course at the university and I applied for the public scholarship. The thing is even though I could get it, I still need to pay high taxes to enter the university. I am casting this chart in order to know if I would get the grant, to see if it's convenient for me to...
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    Will I get the job?

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    Is he interested?

    Question about a guy Is he interested? I am Mars in Virgo, he's Venus in Virgo Moon in Taurus would receive Venus Venus and Moon are about to trine but there is a square from Saturn before that Also somewhat early ascendant We met only online and chatted very shortly but today I bumped into him...
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    Moving question - same significators

    Hello! I have a new opportunity of moving from my current place I am trying to interpret it but have some questions! I am Mercury in Pisces in the 6th - not a good state My current house is L4 Jupiter in Aquarius New house would be L7 Jupiter in Aquarius Moon is fine in Cancer There is a...
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    Should I move?

    Hello! I casted this chart to know if it would be good for me to leave the place I am living in right now and move to this other place nearby. I am Mercury in Pisces (not good), current house is L4 Sun in Pisces (not good) and new house would be L7 Jupiter in Aquarius (not really good). Am I...
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    Sr 2021

    Hello! This is the chart of my coming Solar Return. I have had a pretty good year despite the world's situation right now. I'd like to know if something related to my general approach to life or mood can be interpreted from the chart. Another focus in my life are the arts. I am studying in...
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    Question about psychology

    Hello! I am casting this chart to know if this treatment would be good and helpful for me. It is a short psychological treatment, involving some plants. I have been diagnosed with OCD, and there is a growing scientific literature talking about the benefits and possibilities of this treatment in...
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    Session therapist

    Hello! This question is about a therapist. I was doing this psychological treatment with a therapist for three years. There was a specific issue that we couldn't really work together. But the rest of the therapy was very good to me. When the confinement started in march, we stopped our...
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    Will I find a new home?

    Hello! I am looking for a new home in the same forest area I am now. Not a whole house but a room in a shared house. My question is if I will find a nice place to live where I feel comfortable! Before october. I see I am Jupiter (not in good shape in Capri and retro). I am not happy in my...