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  1. devilmaycare

    what my current transits mean?

    I am currently experiencing Saturn transiting 8th house, transit Saturn square natal mars, north node, and Lilith transiting 12th house. What do they all mean? Here is my chart
  2. devilmaycare

    transit saturn in 8th house

    Hello! My saturn is currently transiting in 8th house and its conjunct my natal neptune and square my taurus mars in 11th house. Does anyone have thoughts about this? Saturn is also getting closer to make a conjunct with my natal mercury. Lilith transiting in my 12th house. North node transit...
  3. devilmaycare

    Abuse in solar return

    Hi! So in my 2020 there was Mars in 8th house and I was beaten by my dad for the first time. For year 2022, I do have moon square pluto, Mars and Venus conjunct pluto, pluto square both ascendant and mc. I’m just afraid can someone please tell if these indicate abuse. Also my pluto is transiting...
  4. devilmaycare

    Will I have a bad fame in the future?

    How will my career be like? Will I be known? [wrong birth time, correct chart later in the thread - Moderator]
  5. devilmaycare

    Solar return and how my relationships with friends will be like in the next year

    Im a 16 year old high school student and this year I had a lot of troubled relationships with my friends and the community around me. Lilith and Chiron is transitting my 11th house together right now. I am...
  6. devilmaycare

    Chiron conjunct nessus aspect indicates rape?

    I have Nessus conjunct chiron in Capricorn 8th house. I read some articles about Nessus in 8th house and it says it’s the placement of individuals who have survived rape. Chiron also means pain connected to 8th house issues... sexual activites, death... What are some of the expectations of this...
  7. devilmaycare

    Solar return in the year of University exam. Will I enter the University I want?

    I have 4th house dominant in a solar return? What does it mean For the year 2020 I have Venus Pluto mars in Capricorn and they are all conjunct. Mercury and Saturn is also there in the sign of aquarius. What does it all Mean? If we’re talking about university I suppose I should look at the...
  8. devilmaycare

    Solar return

    I had a really terrible year with friendships :( I feel hopeless and depressed Can someone please tell me why it happened or will it be okay This year solar:
  9. devilmaycare

    read my chart please!

    Can someone give me general information about my friendships? here is my chart info 21 feb 2004 12.16 pm Ankara
  10. devilmaycare

    hi :)

    Im a high school student. I am interested in astrology since I was 5 years old and as the years pass by I learned about astrology charts! I would love to learn more about solar return and information about planet aspects :3 :happy::happy: