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  1. Niflhel

    Moon Ascendant?

    How would one go about finding their Ascendant based off the Moon instead of the Sun? Though I'm actually just looking for how often would it change zodiac signs? Like how the normal Ascendant is roughly every 2 hours.
  2. Niflhel

    Name of the song?

    There has been a song in my head that I can't remember the name of nor who sings it. I can't even remember the lyrics. Just the beginning of the guitar playing. Its slow, I think its electric, could be acoustic. Has sort of a western, ghost town feel to it. Then a electric guitar is heard in the...
  3. Niflhel

    Scientology, not that far-fetched?

    Try to be open-minded bout this, instead of "rabble, rabble, rabble". Some quotes from a previous topic. I know what Scientologists believe, I know that alot of people view it as one big scam. But I could seem some possible truth in it. To go into Astrology for a moment, that sounds a bit...
  4. Niflhel

    A plain, straight out answer

    Thats all I ask. I don't care if you do not believe that one has a true element, I do. I do not care if you think it is unimportant, I think it is. All I want to know is what is my true element. I am completely obssessed with finding the answer. Those who tell me that I will find it out for...
  5. Niflhel

    Hello astrology, goodbye mbti

    Well I know I said I was giving up astrology but I'm back. I tried going with the mbti types for a while. And well I basically got to the point of being driven mad by it. I was (still) obssessed with whether I am INFP or INTP. I'm fed up with it and find it better and easier just to say I'm a...
  6. Niflhel

    Dragons in Chinese Astrology

    I'm not saying all Dragons are like this, so no offense to any Dragons on the site. Its just I was wondering if anyway has had the same experiences as I have with people born in the year of the Dragon. From my friends, relatives, or people I just know, I've noticed that the ones that are...
  7. Niflhel

    Zodiac high school stereotypes

    Aries: The wish. The nerd, whom wishes to annoy people by challenging their intelligence. Taurus: The spoiled rich kid. Gemini: If male the womanizer, if female you pretty much get the idea. Cancer: The punk rocker who's number 1 fan is his mother. Seriously though at the punk...
  8. Niflhel

    Career question

    I'm at a point in life where I'll be needing to get a job soon. I'll start off with something small but I don't want spend the rest of my life as a fastfood worker or store clerk, I want to do something more. I don't really know what I want to do, so I'm seeking astrology out for guidance. I...
  9. Niflhel

    Gaming & Astrology

    I've been told before that I couldn't categorize the signs yet they already are. In my very expanded free time, I like to try and associate the signs with classes off RPG games and such. I'm a Sun in Cancer, would I be more of a Warrior, Thief, or Mage (the basic classes)? In the end there are...
  10. Niflhel

    Here I Go Again

    Excuse the title, I often like to use songs as a way of expressing my feeling. In this case its Whitesnake. Anyway I don't have access to photobucket at the moment to display my chart so I'll just post what I can remember. Sun in Cancer Moon in Aquarius Mercury in Gemini Venus in Cancer Mars...