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    Any victims of domestic abuse(male or female) here?

    Please submit your birth place and time, I need it for some research. Also tell me when(month, year) you encountered the abuse. If it is hurtfull, do not reply or do so when you are comfortable. This is meant to reinstate a personal experience. Many thanks.
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    Need someone to interpret this natal chart.....

    This is my S/O's natal chart...I wanted to have someone else's opinion on his chart. What kind of a person do you think he is? A general idea...I would love to discuss it. Natal Chart---
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    Esmer's chart

    Cannot post the actual chart due to some personal as well as technichal problems. Extremely sorry. But if anyone's interested Esmer's chart is here--- Sun-15°Aquarius Moon-14°Sagittarius Mercury-17°Aquarius Venus-19°Aquarius Mars-1°Sagittarius Jupiter-26° Aquarius Saturn-8° Sagittarius...
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    I didn't know SO many people joined here.

    Oh, I believe astrology like sciene is an art that needs to be harnessed properly and regulated impersonally for the better progress of humanity. I am a part time musician. I like Mr.Mojo Risin', reading books, watching cult classics, horror stuff, crime thrillers, the Shining(obviously). I can...