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    should i reply to him

    He send a short apology after hurting me with disrespectful behaviors. I am still mad, but it has been more than a month. Was he sincere when he apologized? What are his thoughts of me? I am debating whether I should ever talk to him, Many thanks.
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    What is he thinking about me and our relationship?

    We have been online friends for a while. I met him in person in a remote city recently. The meeting was brief and good. After that he seems a little distant. In our last call he said he was working (on the new year eve :unsure:). I casted two charts and asked about the same question - what is...
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    Is it permanently over?

    He came back after two decades. Over the years, he rejected me mercilessly many times. So when he contacted me and hinted his profound love to me, it was too overwhelming and confusing for me to respond to him promptly and properly. Anyways, after we finally got to talk to each other, he...
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    What his feeling towards me

    Asked this question two weeks ago. The moon is in late degree, but about to conjunct jupiter. Is it valid? Thanks!
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    Will he contact me

    I recently reconnected with an ex colleague. Despite of strong feelings toward each other, the communications didn't go smoothly because there seem always mis-trust and difficulties in understanding each other. The expression of feelings and key messages were mostly via songs and symbols...
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    Lost phone

    A friend lost his phone. He took the phone with him when he went to his rental property. He could not find it after he got home. We asked the following question: "can he find the phone". Based on the time the question was asked, here is the chart: Thank you!
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    Will I have more kids

    Know very little about Horary. I'd appreciate it if someone would read this chart. Thanks!
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    Will he contact me this week?

    I have been in this on and off relationship with this guy for more than 1 year. We had an argument a week ago and have not spoken with each other since. We just got back together after a three months of breakup. I am not sure if we can survive this time. Will he contact me this week? Does...
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    Any potential for serious relationship? Charts attached

    It has been a year. Any hope this can turn into a real relationship? Thank you so much for your input! Synastry and composite charts attached. Composite Chart: Composite sun, moon, Venus and mercury are all in the 12th house Synastry chart: I am inside. He is outside Sun Conjunction Sun...
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    Hi there

    I am new. Got hooked to astrology. Really glad to join this forum. Thanks for having me!:kissing: