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    Will I be able to move to another job earlier than the end of my contract term?

    Dear all, I've been in sort of an occupational crisis for over a year. Since I got fed up with my old job, I switched jobs earlier this year. The only problem is: the job I have now is even worse than before. The base of my unhappiness is "doing the work" but never "being (ap)praised for the...
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    Solar cusp in natal house question

    Hi everyone, I've got a question concerning the solar house cusps and comparing them to the natal chart. I've run into a chart that has every Solar Return house cusp in the same Natal house. So: Solar return cusp 1 = in natal house 1 Solar return cusp 2 = in natal house 2 Solar return cusp 3...
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    Inspired by an eclipse on natal Mars/node: life changer?

    It's been a long time since I posted anything, but this post was inspired by the Solar eclipse of 22-jul conjuncting my natal Mars/Node (7). By natal chart you can probably see that it isn't easy for me to attract relationships; if by my slightly offbeat nature only (lol). I've been single now...
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    A question about indirect arcs and midpoints

    Hello fellow astrologers! I've got a small question concerning midpoints. I read someplace that this midpoint is illegal: Neptune = Venus/Neptune. Where the planet is there twice! Pluto = Venus/Neptune Where every planet is there once! Why is that? And is it ok to use them in indirect arc...
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    Help! Two important eclipses in one year

    Dear Members, I recently found out I have the following eclipses in my chart in only one year! They both have to do with house 7, as my Mars is there. You will find a triwheel attached to this post: inner (my natal), middle (solar total), outer (partial lunar). Solar total eclipse 22-jul-2009...
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    Vertex on Caput Algol

    Dear members, I recently come across a chart that has Caput Algol within one degree of Vertex. As you know this star is highly malefic. - Do you or can you use Vertex with Caput Algol? - How does it interpret? I've heard vertex/anti-vertex is basically a minor Ascendant/Descendant. So would...
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    Capricorn Asc/ Sun in Virgo joke

    The way you look at life is just like dishes with beans. Some people like chilli and some people like natto* [fermented beans]. Me? I just know one thing for sure. Too much chilli gives me gas! * Dish famous in japan. by Capricorn Asc/ Sun in Virgo.
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    Unaspected Pluto and Saturn in 5

    Dear Members, I'm currently struggling to interpret two unaspected planets in house 5: Saturn and Pluto. They are the rulers of 5 (pluto) and 7 (saturn). Both are love/relationship houses. house 5 - self confidence, love, play, entertainment. saturn - (ego) structure, patience, seriousness...
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    Searching people who have had Uranus conjunct MC

    Searching people who have had Uranus conjunct MC, as the title says. Personally I probably will never experience Uranus transiting over my MC, unless I grow very old. I'm now wondering if there are people here that have had first hand experience with this transit and are willing to share what...
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    Mars in synastry

    Hello, I have a small question regarding the position of Mars in synastry. What do you all think of a partner's Mars opposite the Ascendant, still located in the 6th house? Is it a sign of attraction or it a sign of disliking eachother? How compatible is this? The person receiving the...
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    Question about a fairly large fan meetup

    I've been organizing a fan meetup in Paris. About 18 people are coming. I was wondering what the event will be like. I used the time and location of the event itself. Can anyone give me more information as to how this meetup will turn out?
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    Alioth cnj natal Sun

    I'd like to ask experienced users of Fixed Stars what they think about a Natal Sun @ 8.08 Virgo and a conjunction to Alioth. I'm not really at home much with Declination/ Magnitude and whether or how much that matters; feel free to educate me. Alioth "The Black Horse" Suicide among women...
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    Antiscion/ Contra Antiscion

    A while ago I attended a lecture about Antiscions and Contra-Antiscions (solstice points). These are quite valuable in relationship astrology as they can make sense of charts that have no strong affinity in synastry, but appear very much attracted to eachother. If I understood correctly; The...
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    Introduction of Ras:)

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum. I'm 26 from the Netherlands and have been practising astrology for 13 years (half my life). It's 31-8-1981, Heerlen (NL), 17:50 CEDT for the interested. Spent one half on self-study, other half in and out courses. In my professional life I am employed in the...