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    The Ascendant

    Imagine you have in front of yourself a person who doesn't know his\her time of birth, but is willing to be fully cooperative in discovering it. What questions would you ask this person? For e.g. is your emotional life mainly concerned with work? (Moon in 10th house) Do you find expression of...
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    Moon in Aquarius

    As another Aqua moon with Pluto touch I can say that emotions are interesting and that I respect them in all the people out there. I do like the ego-trips on how cool I am as all the other Aquas do:-) Until pluto comes in, he teaches me to slow down, look closer, examine better, step back...
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    Pluto on Ascendant

    Dear Malia, I would bet that the ruling planets of your chart are pluto, uranus and saturn, by following the links between the house rulers. Asc->Pluto->Scorpio stop Sun->Cap->Saturn... and so on. With that nice venus in pisces in 5th house you could have artistic or creative potential, or maybe...
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    Double Capricorn Stellium..and maybe more?

    What about a moon, say at degree 5, sun at degree 15 and venus, merc at degree 20. Does this make the moon participate in the stellium? Then if the moon is afflicted, does its affliction translate to the stellium?
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    Why no sex?

    Hi yuri, I saw that you have a lot of the Leo in you, you must be a guy that has an awful lot of a leonine charisma. At your age you have had the time to develop your full potential, rise your roaring voice above the Leo stelliums and reap the successes of your chart. Now let your ego take a...
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    Pluto transiting through the Eight House?

    My bf has it now. After 5 degrees it will be square his sun, so events are to unfold with the years. His life is changing, transforming so to say, he is standing on a crossroad, choosing a new life path, looking for a job and a way to get out of the parents' nest(age>30), nervous and insecure...
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    Weight and Metabolism according to astrology.

    Only conjectures down here: I would look for a sign on the ascendant or sun that is famous for indulging in the 5 senses(Taurus, Cancer, Sagg) and concentrating elsewhere(Pisces, Aqua). I can't imagine a self-centered Leo or Scorpio with weight problems. Virgos and Cappies seem to be beyond...
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    Aspects signs of a cheater?/ Is she a Cheater?

    Hi WackyAQ, My 2 cents, even if things seem to have moved on. A mix of astrology and psychology. I think she would be rather fixed in her attachments(sun,moon conjunct saturn), even if she would like a bit of outside attention(venus,rising). Be ready to stand on your aquarian pedestal the...
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    A big Aquarian "Howdy!" to all the friends out there:-) I am still learning the art and I am here to learn actively more of it:-)