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    synodic cycle

    hello I was wondering if someone could assist me . I am trying to locate a programme that will allow me to do synodic cycle calculations , maybe something like solar fire or similar . as an example this is what I am trying to do . let's say on a certain date Helio Mars and Saturn have an angular...
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    Orbs and Stuff

    sorry I accidentally pressed submit. following on at the exact date of the low Geo Mercury is at 13 Deg 29" Gemini or trine the longitude of Saturn at the high . At the time of the low Geo Mercury was seperating so I went back to see when this aspect between the two planets was exact which...
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    Orbs and Stuff

    hello I was wondering if someone could assist me . I had a look at the SP500 Chart which is an American Index and for the point of this exercise I cast a chart for the 7th May 11.45am New York time 2021 which was the Top and then I cast a chart for the low which came in on the 12th May at 3.50pm...
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    high and low financial charting

    Hello could someone please assist me. I am looking at a financial index and for the point of the exercise I have cast a Geocentric chart for the top which came in on the 27th May 10.45am New York Time and then I cast another chart for the low at 3.05pm on the same date New York time trying to...
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    Random MUNDANE ASTROLOGY Thoughts - Pictorial Images Welcome As Well As Text

    Hello could someone please assist me . I live in Melbourne Australia and am interested in learning how to calculate accurate sunrise time . There is probably a website that would enable me to obtain this data but was just wondering how accurate the time would be compared against other...
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    daily aspectarian

    Hello does anyone know where I could obtain either a book or online page that has a list of daily aspects to the moon such as 7.00am Geo Moon trine Jupiter 12.45pm Geo Moon square Uranus etc for the course of one day. I saw a calender type format that had a clear display of aspects and transits...
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    Natal chart rectification

    thanks very much for your help . To date most of my calculations have been based on Directional aspects and transits to my Natal Chart or a Companies Chart which has provided varying results of accuracy . This approach was taken in conjunction with looking at parallel or contra parallel aspects...
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    Natal chart rectification

    how do you post an image on this site
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    Natal chart rectification

    Thanks Cary does this look right 12th September 1991 Geocentric Sun is 18 Deg Virgo 44" or 168 Deg 44 so if I wanted to get the solar arc for the 24th May as an example I would take the position of the Sun on that day which is 3 Deg Gemini 17" or 63 Deg 17" So the difference between the...
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    Natal chart rectification

    thanks could you give me a basic theoretical example using solar arcs I have heard of this technique and interested in learning it . I currently use a programme called Astrolog which I am not sure will allow me to perform solar arc calculations . could I perform the calculations by hand or would...
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    Natal chart rectification

    On the degree of the Midheaven for the 12th September 1991 between 8.00am to 10.00am for Sydney and at 8.00 the Mc is at 110 Deg 9.00 at 124 Deg 10.00 at 139 Deg so without an accurate listing hour it's difficult to arrive at a practical figure as there is 29 Deg difference in a few hours making...
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    Natal chart rectification

    thanks very much although I haven't really worked with progressions too much I would like to study it further as it does seem quite accurate . My approach is to look at a Companies Incorporation Chart or First Listing Chart on an Exchange . As an example I may look at Commonwealth Bank Australia...
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    Natal chart rectification

    Hi could someone please assist me with the technique required to rectify a Natal Chart . I remember reading Sepherial a few years ago and he has a particular calculation to rectify charts . As an example let's say someone was born on the 23rd March 1971 3.00AM in Melbourne Australia and on the...
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    Astrolog Timezones

    Hello could someone please assist me in setting up a correct timezone in the Astrolog Programme . There are a few fields to fill out including month day year and time which are straight forward but then it comes to a box that requests auto detect daylight with a yes or no option followed by a...