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    Choosing dates for PhD thesis defense

    Helleo everybody! By September inclusive I will have to present my PhD thesis. I will need two dates, one for presentation in the department, then in public. Please assist me in choosing the data. Between the two must pass at least 20 days. Having Jupiter on my IC I think it is a positive...
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    Will I be successful in my PhD thesis defense?

    Hello everybody! I made a chart for my PhD defense which will be in a maximum of three months, first time in department, then in public. I haven't picked the dates yet. I don't know when it would be more appropriate. Between the two must be at least 20 days. So, I am Venus in Taurus and the...
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    Am I ill again?

    Hello Two years ago I had endometriosis surgery. Now the symptoms before the operation have returned and I am a little worried. The doctor says it's okay but I don't feel like it would be and the chart shows some problems. Please let me know if I have interpreted it correctly. Ascendant...
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    Querent Jupiter retrograde

    Hello In my chart for another article to publish, the Querent is Jupiter rx. Does that mean he's in a difficult situation? Jupiter aspects L9 meaning a positive outcome. The article is also represented by Jupiter. That may mean that there is a need to reassess the article. What do you think...
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    Will my article be published?

    Hello I wrote an article for publication in a scientific journal. Yesterday it was sent to the magazine. I'd like to ask your opinion about the attached chart. Will the article be published? I am Mercury, in 9th house of publishing, conjunct MC (career), in Gemini (associating with writing)...
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    Relationship Mars - Venus

    Hello For this chart the question is: Does Mars loves Venus? Where his "heart" is? Mars is in his domicile, Venus in detriment of Mars, it is a square between them. Venus has an accidental dignity here, isn't it? Thank you very much.
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    Timing: thesis

    Hello Please tell me how much time will I need to finish my doctorate studies? I am Moon, 10th house ruler, applying a trine to Venus, lord of the 9th house of high education.
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    Will I be living in other house?

    Hello The question for the posted chart is if I will be living in other house. I am the Moon, in 10th house making sextile to Saturn in his own sign, ruler for next home. Am I Fortune, also? Is the Moon in cazimi? I wish to have a biger home so I made this chart. Please give me an...
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    Will I travel abroad for research?

    Hello In May, I should travel abroad for a research internship. I had problems with the first source of financing, which I can only use in the fall. The second source of funding is from the university funds where I prepare my doctoral thesis. Will I go abroad, under the conditions in which my...
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    Hello. I would like to travel abroad for a research internship for the PhD thesis. This summer. I am the beneficiary of a project that provides part of transport and accommodation. The question is whether I will get there for studies. Sun is peregrine in Jupiter sign, Mars L9 is in Exaltation in...
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    Is my job in danger?

    Hello, Recently I came in possession of some information that worried me about my working place. It is about savings, lack of money etc. Is my job in danger? In addition, my PhD thesis is directly related to the job. I am the Moon in exaltation in Taurus, making a trine with Jupiter. It is...
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    Will I be fine after surgery?

    Hello everybody, I have a health problem that concerns me and please tell me your opinion. In the last 5 months, ovarian cysts have developed very fast, next week must be operated. Will I be fine after the surgery? Thank you very much for any opinion.
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    Who is the favorite?

    Hello, Please answer my question: Moon in 11th house means a draw? We have retrograde planets in 10 th and 4th houses so teams will score in second half of the game. Is it right? Who has a better chance to win?
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    Am I pregnant?

    Hello I've been trying for a long time to get pregnant. Is it possible that I received this gift from God? Please answer my question. Thank you very much.
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    Will I be successful at the conference?

    Hello! I hope I post the question in the right place as we talk about studies and travel also. On September 4, I will have an oral presentation at a conference, for my studies, in another country. I am Jupiter in first house, studies represented by Sun and Mercury in 9th house. I see that...
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    Am I healthy enough to have a baby?

    Hello I am in my 40s and I want a child with my partner. Last year I created a chart asking if I would ever have a baby but the answer was unclear. This year, at the suggestion of Tikana, the question is whether I'm healthy enough to have a baby. Please help me read this chart. Thank you very much.
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    two signs on a house

    Hello everybody! Can you, please, tell me how to interpret two signs on an astrological house and two houses on the same sign? For example, I have Taurus and Aries on my 10th house and Aquarius on my 7th house and 8th house. Thank you!
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    Uranus, Neptune 5th house

    Hi everybody. I made my birth chart an I am intrigued by Uranus and Neptune placement in my 5th house of love and children. I am asking for some interpretations regarding this area of my life. Does this mean that I will not be able to have kids? Thank you all.
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    A trine in my natal chart?

    Hello everybody! I try to learn reading my natal chart and I find aspects between Moon in Leo, Pluto in Libra and Neptune in Sag. Is this a trine and what means it? This is my chart: Any idea would be...
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    Hello everyone! I am Oana and I am interested in astrology. I am new also and I want to know more in this area. My Sun is in Aquarius, Ascendant in Cancer and Moon in Leo. I hope you are all ok.