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    Lilith in natal chart

    Could you post the coordinates instead?
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    Aren't socks wonderful

    Lotion-Mercury Socks-Saturn
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    Why do I attract overly possessive and stalker-ish partners according to my chart?

    Sorry to tell you but the image is blur. Can you give me your birthtime and place.
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    Help needed with astrology forecast

    What asteroids do you wish to use?
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    Natal chart and my disorders

    Squares from PLUTO and JUPITER could explain your drastic weight fluctuations. With taurus as your sign sign, you are concerned about food. Aquarius is your ascendent and Uranus is at 0*, retrograde turning your alturism to yourself. Your moon is Square Mercury which shows us that you like to...
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    Questions about Natal Chart/Draconic Chart Comparison

    The Draconic chart is a representation of Karma you have amassed. So if the positions have not changed at all or significantly, your planets, their positions, their effects are likely to stay the same.
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    Some advice about my ascendant, please?

    The ruler of the ascendent is the chart ruler.
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    Pluto and ocd

    I associate Neptune with mental illness generally. But someone who has a Mercury-Pluto conjunction is always obsessed about "finding the truth" he does not have OCD. Rather my cousin who has Neptune aspecting his ascendent at less than 1* is the one that has been suffering from jarring OCD along...
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    Help needed Pls. Marriage on verge of divorce due to infidelity

    That sounds like a terrible person. Honey, she is a menace.
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    Compare charts of these 2 murder victims

    His eight house ruler is in his 2nd house, (Venus) Very good man he was.
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    Some advice about my ascendant, please?

    The ascendent is an important part of a person's natal chart, it is the chart ruler. It controls our physical appearance too. But more importantly, the strength of a planet or point varies from peraon to person. I may have a weak mars so it would not be a big influence on my personality...
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    Love marriage

    That is a thing only you could control and let no one else do.
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    Anyone want to read my chart?

    What exactly do you want to know? Be specific
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    Synastry thoughts

    The image is not sufficiently clear. Could you post a link instead? Thank You
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    theh Murder of Princess Diana

    The Royal family is filthy, from pedophilia and incest still ramphant and accepted there. No wonder she found it stifling.
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    Compare charts of these 2 murder victims

    The first chart has all ingridients to be a murder victim(that said not all of you are going to be murdered who happen to have the same aspects) , Mars Sq Saturn Violence from authority figures Mars Opp Chiron Insecure with one's masculinity or physical strength. Mars conj uranus- random...
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    Black Dhalia case(Elizabeth short) serial killers and their victims

    Most serial killers have some Pluto, Scorpio or 8th house about them. And as one astrologer once found, an extremely strong Saturn. And yes, such events do take place during Saturn or Pluto transits.
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    Victims of pedophiles

    Moon conjunct or in negative aspect to Dejanira Pluto In the 4th conjunct IC Pluto in a bad aspect to Moon sometimes And the asteroid Child in aspect to Chiron or Nessus(abuse) or Dejanira(Victimisation)
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    Do you look like your AC?

    I do look like a lion on most days. Also, a massive ego for a capricorn. Always hankering for attention.
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    Any victims of domestic abuse(male or female) here?

    Please submit your birth place and time, I need it for some research. Also tell me when(month, year) you encountered the abuse. If it is hurtfull, do not reply or do so when you are comfortable. This is meant to reinstate a personal experience. Many thanks.