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    synodic cycle

    hello I was wondering if someone could assist me . I am trying to locate a programme that will allow me to do synodic cycle calculations , maybe something like solar fire or similar . as an example this is what I am trying to do . let's say on a certain date Helio Mars and Saturn have an angular...
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    high and low financial charting

    Hello could someone please assist me. I am looking at a financial index and for the point of the exercise I have cast a Geocentric chart for the top which came in on the 27th May 10.45am New York Time and then I cast another chart for the low at 3.05pm on the same date New York time trying to...
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    daily aspectarian

    Hello does anyone know where I could obtain either a book or online page that has a list of daily aspects to the moon such as 7.00am Geo Moon trine Jupiter 12.45pm Geo Moon square Uranus etc for the course of one day. I saw a calender type format that had a clear display of aspects and transits...
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    Natal chart rectification

    Hi could someone please assist me with the technique required to rectify a Natal Chart . I remember reading Sepherial a few years ago and he has a particular calculation to rectify charts . As an example let's say someone was born on the 23rd March 1971 3.00AM in Melbourne Australia and on the...
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    Astrolog Timezones

    Hello could someone please assist me in setting up a correct timezone in the Astrolog Programme . There are a few fields to fill out including month day year and time which are straight forward but then it comes to a box that requests auto detect daylight with a yes or no option followed by a...