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    I am looking for a study buddy

    Im so interested. Im finishing up my fall semester but in a couple weeks ill have some free time to explore astrology more. Eventually I hope to understand mundane astrology more. I do have a sinking suspicion that what's missing in physics can be found in this realm, but....well it does need a...
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    Why would a Scorpio Woman Fall for a Pisces Man?There are more Masculine Sign!!!

    Even though this post is old, I had to reply. At the very least, a scorpio woman desire is to be understood. The empathetic nature of pisces suits this perfectly. I won't repeat whats already been so eloquently stated before, But I can say this: the potential between scorpio and pisces can...
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    Does Astrology affect us physically?

    I've debated this myself for a while, but here's what i've come to understand to rectify this. We are reflections of the galaxy. You are the center and the constellations of the galaxy exist around you in a big circle. As you turn the degree in which each constellation reaches the center...
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    Astronomy Psychology returning to Astrology?

    I've read some articles relating to astrology. I've read some that says astronomy and psychology has it's roots directly from astrology. Now for a while now, at least in the US, astrology has been seen as something that's taboo, commercialized or just a bunch of archaic ideas thats not real...
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    Please read my chart?

    Thanks for looking at it. You've confirmed quite a bit which gives me some relief.
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    Please read my chart?

    Am I on the right path? Right now im in school hoping to pursue a PhD in physics. It is incredibly difficult to stay mentally engaged to a day to day job. Which is why i was thankful i was let go from my job. I know planets in my 8th house has an influence on me, but from what i've read, much of...
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    Hi everyone!

    This is the first time I've actually committed to joining a community on astrology. I've been aware of my sign since i was a kid, but i never took a vested interest in astrology till 3 years ago. Since then I've scoured the internet and even bought a couple of books, notably, Isabelle Hickey's...