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    USA Orcus return this fall 2016

    Does anyone here have any thoughts about the Orcus return that will happen in November 2016 in the USA natal? A few other interesting celestial occurrences at that same time: the USA chart has Orcus at 9 and the USA chart will have an Orcus return at 9 in November 2016 and the...
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    P.Sun,P.Merc and transit of Neptun eover NN in Pisces

    hello everyone, I recently had Sun enter Pisces by progression and now Mercury also has entered Pisces. They are conjunct or nearly conjunct my NN in the 8th. Neptune is transiting there also. I recently have become very sensitive and intolerant of many medications even dental anesthesia and...
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    Torch songs or love songs by sign

    Help me out,:biggrin: I have a few good ones for starters Taurus: How Can I Be Sure Where I Stand With You - The Young Rascals Cancer : Will You Still Need Me When I'm 64 - The Beatles Leo: Your Love is King - Sade Sagittarius: All I Want - Joni Mitchell Pisces: Unchained Melody - The...
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    Women with Mars Conjunct Saturn

    I am curious if others have noticed a pattern with women who have the Mars-Saturn conjunction. My experience shows that these women (if hetrosexual) have an early very bad marriage or relationship with a man who is quite selfish if not downright cruel, or a chronic philanderer. After which they...
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    Need composite charts of business partners

    I have been doing composite charts for decades for romantic relationships, and I have found them to be very accurate and use them in my practice. It is relatively easy to find charts for long standing, successful romantic or marriage partners. But it is much harder to find data for bsiness...