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    Is mystery man my father?

    So, basically here's the deal: My mother pretty much was sexually out there(and she passed those genes to me XD. Despite my lack of sexual activity otherwise lol) and she hooked up with a bunch of dudes. But she's convinced this one guy's my father. To be frank, I'm not sure. We supposedly had...
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    Did I put myself in a bad situation?

    Lol, for the first time possibly ever, I'm using astrology not for love(or my virginity) concerns or my health concerns. But this time, a totally stupid and predictable thing for a 22 year old to do: Here's the situation: My keyboard's messed up(been messed up for a while now), and it was...
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    Does Mom have serious health issues?

    It seems that every now and again some "silly" issue comes up which makes me have a horary every now and then. Is it that Horary gives us a sense of comfort? Or feeling that we can know the answer? Well, here's the issue. Admittedly my mind's been having negative thoughts recently surrounding...
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    Does a Soul Mate exist for me?

    Is a Loving Relationship out there? Hello, everyone ^.^ It's been a long time I know. A few senior members of the forum should remember me. I've been busy with college work and a few other worries, so I hadn't really focused too much on Astrology. Nevertheless, a thought that keeps coming up...
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    Should I stop pursuing a love interest?

    I know, lately I've posted some very wary Horaries(and in fact, I'm not sure if most of my old pals are still on here lol.) But this time, I want to post a query that's much more endearing, if not complicated all the same. A little background: The feminine in question lives in Alabama, about a...
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    Is the Hole in my left eye socket something to concern myself with?

    So basically, I went to the Eye Doctor to get a checkup and it was hell. Eye drops and all and altered vision. I thought that was going to be the end of it. My vision wasn't perfect, no one's is and so I thought I was okay. But I didn't wake up this morning expecting this surprise. One of...
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    Is my Chalazia a serious issue?

    It's been a long time to my fellow Astrology friends and I'm sorry that I'm making a post that could be quite serious. Well, late last month it became apparent that I got a bump in my bottom left eyelid and we thought it was a stye and it would go away. Well, it hadn't gone away in about a...
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    What's holding me back?

    Hi, it's been a long while since I started a thread on anything period, let alone Horary which I've been hesitant to do. Horary's not like a Natal Chart, reading a Horary is something I find difficult(though I took my stabs at it earlier on, guess I was fearless). In addition, I'm not sure if...
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    The 4TH U.S. Front-Libya

    Late Friday(March,19,2010) the U.N Security Council, headed by U.S. President Barack Obama had officially authorized a "no-fly zone", and hence a coaltion led by US Air Forces includes: Great Britain, France, and Italy. This is the Fourth Middle Eastern front since September 11th, 2001 for the...
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    Help :)

    This horary question is actually quite strange and unusual for me to present. Mostly because it's my first post after a long absence and because everyone here knows me mostly as the young 18 year old astrologer who if nothing else was an earnest grasshopper learner. But yet, at the same time...
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    Happy B-Day to Kerrie

    I haven't talked to him/her much, but that doesn't change my intentions to give well-wishes and love :) :love:
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    A short story :)

    Walking down a path, a pathway that leads to a beautiful garden... Within the Garden lie all sorts of beautiful flowers, I desire to have one flower, just one. For whatever reason, the flowers wither and sway away with each touch I give them. I figure they may not be watered enough, and so...
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    2010 Solar Return Chart

    My birthday will have been 8 days from now(I think XD), and I'll officially be an adult(18), yippie. The end of last year has taken a surprising turn, from outgoing to introverted. From focused to questioning, and a realization of the self. I realized: -What I was doing was essentially...
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    Will I get the job?

    They say it takes money to make money, and the horary I did on whether or not my home business would succeed taught me patience is a necessity. So before I go too deep into it. Maybe it's better to strengthen my pocket. So in order to do that, I decided to apply for a part-time job at Toys R...
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    Will my home business succeed?

    Recently, I had joined a home business MLM(Multi Level Marketing) opportunity. And I'm wondering if it will suceed :). I'm afraid of Moon on Algol and the Mars-Venus almost opposition kind of scares me on the 10th-4th axis. But hey, there's a bunch of supporting trines too ^^.
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    Astrology for Beginners

    Good day to all, this is my first article. I'm sure it might not be as big as the others, because I'm in a bit of a writers block. But I LOVE Astrology and I love being a part of our family. So I wanted to make an article just for beginners. I know how rough it is. You see this chart filled...
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    Solar Arcs and Sarah Palin

    I know, it's our second Sarah Palin thread. Dear apologies, but I didn't think that posting this in that fourm would be appropriate. Besides, I really want to marvel and enjoy the phenemon that is Solar Arcs. 1 Degree, Per 1 year of life. Such a simple concept. And it makes it so that you can...
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    Phillies VS Yankees Game 6

    2 days after having played out Game 5.(And lo and behold. As the chart said, it would be a difficult ride). I'm going to look at Game 6. With objective eyes. AC:Home Team(Cancer):Yankees DSC:Away Team(Capricorn):Phillies. So the roles are reversed from 2 days ago. Does the chart foresee a...
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    Lilith's Song

    I've always had a desire to sing. Well, not as a mandatory career but something to work on if politics doesn't work out. So I wanted to share one of my latest songs with my Astro friends ^^. Song Title: Lilith's feelings You thought I was dead, that after being forsaken and forgotten that...
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    My Chart

    Hey everyone, I know I've touched on a bit personal, perhaps scary and mysterious topics in the past. Now I'm back to discussing what many would probably perfer: Me and Astrology In doing so, I am pretty sure we all have our beliefs on which "system" fits the best. But that's not what this...