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    Pls reply :Temp or Perm paralysis.

    My Sister-in-law had car accident on 20June at 4:15 am near New Delhi, India. She is the one out of 8 people in car ,who got injuries, now she is paralysed below her bellly button.Her date of birth is 19th Jan. 1978,00:10 am,New Delhi,India.Please if you can see anything, anything ,reply.I am...
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    pls help with 2 yr old son medical condition

    Hi Radu, My son DOB is 12/02/2004 15:44 ottawa,CANADA.He use to be a healthy and happy kid til 18 months, no illness at all. After that he got pneumonia twice last winter, having difficulty drinking liquids and have lazy eye abd lagging in speech milestone.Til now nno diagonosis from...
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    Please HELP : 2 year son going through lot

    Hi, My son DOB is 12/02/2004 time 15:50 , ottawa Canada.Since last september he admitted to hospital twice due to pneumonia.Doctor run several test ,but unable to find cause. he now choke when drink thin liquid which according to doctor is starnge,since he never choke on solid food.Sorry...
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    would I be able to get a job in july?

    Time is 5:42 pm ,ottawa,CANADA 1st july 2005. Thanks taurussaggi
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    Disappointed ! please help me in career/Job sector.

    Hi, My DOB is 20.05.1972 time 20:40 place New Delhi, INDIA.Can anyone read my chart and give some insight in my career sector? When will I get Job?Thanks. taurussaggi