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    Transit causing frustration and irritability?

    I've been feeling irritable lately, distant in my relationships and impatient during the day. I'm not usually like this. It recently started to emerge at the beginning of February and has been growing over the last few weeks until I woke up this morning feeling like I was going to explode. I...
  2. J

    Should I go back to school this year?

    I've been thinking this over for a few years now, but since the beginning of this year the pull to go back to school has been particularly strong. I would take a dance and a writing class and take some pre-requisites for a masters (which I'm still undecided as to what it'll be in). I've also...
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    Good time to post music? 5th and 10th Houses

    I looked at the time that I posted a new piece of music to my site. Since I am looking to make my creative projects my career I looked at the 5H and the 10H both ruled by Mars. Mars is placed in the 5H and is well-aspected by Jupiter and NNode in 3H, squared by the Sun in Aqua in the 8H. What is...
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    $ is in detriment, but well-aspected...uh...what?

    Did an horary chart on money (it's been a VERY hard 3 years) Question: will my financial situation better and when? Me: Early Taurus My $: Mercury --> Mercury is the highest planet in the chart at 27 deg CAP in the 10H -It is trine Jupiter @ 23 deg Virgo in the 6H -Also sextile Venus @ 29 deg...
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    Will they sell me their couch?

    I need a couch!!!! Thank you in advance for your help!!!! On a tight budget, looking for a couch. Found a gorgeous one on Craigslist, went to go take a look at it yesterday. They are asking a price just above my budget. I asked them if they'd be willing to come down, they said no. Found out...
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    Zen Scorpion

    Hey there community! I'm an intermediate astrologer delving into horary astrology, new to the community. A little about me: -Scorpio Sun/Pluto/Mercury/Saturn stellium in 4H (talk about dark night of the soul) -Libra Moon 3H -Cancer Ascendant -Recently went through my Saturn return. It kicked...