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    Paris Hilton: Someone help me see the Aquarius sun

    I mean, I just can't. I know there are definitely a lot of other factors, but the sun is supposed to be your core, or, at the very least, a major part of who you are, so why can't I see any speck of Aquarius in her?
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    Question about my chart?

    Lately we've been in a bind with money, are there any financial transits coming up for me? Also I really want to take off in a writing career, how do the chances look? Thank you!
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    *sigh*--transitting Cancer moon...

    I absolutely hate it! I'm always an emotional wreck because this moon affects me really strongly for some reason lol Usually I just feel sulky inside, but sometimes I just cry for the smallest reasons--and all of the little things that shouldn't have upset me so much affect me so strongly every...
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    Ok, I'm desperate--anyone on here with REALLY good intuition?

    This sounds stupid, but I'm trying to find some papers of a script and I've looked everywhere for them! This is my only copy and I really need to find them soon, so does anyone have a word that comes to mind concerning their location or anything...? I really hope this actually works...
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    This is stupid but...

    I feel like I should be able to sense my future in some way, like a psychic can sense someone else's. Can that happen? I feel like I'm trying to imagine myself achieving my dreams, but I can't see myself in such a different place. I always get discouraged because, if I can't sense it or see it...
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    How will chiron influence my life?

    I'm sort of just learning about Chiron and I feel like I've been feeling its presence a lot, so I would like to know what its purpose is in my life. If anyone has any insights, thank you!
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    I hate Saturn in 10th House

    I'm so young, but already I have so many dreams and ambitions, but no matter how hard I try, I come so close to certain goals, which ultimately fail. Obviously, it is the luckiest person who can get what they want without working too hard and I know that everyone has to try. Anyways, what I read...
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    Are there any planets on house cusps?

    I'm really confused on this house cusp concept, so I was wondering if I have any planets on them? Thanks!
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    Is there fame or impact signs in my chart?

    I really want to make a mark on the world and was wondering if there are any signs of that in my chart. Thank you!
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    How to guess someone's rising...when you've seen everything else?

    basically when you know all the other planets how do you know which is the rising and which is just a planet being expressed?
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    Why do I have Virgo (or Cancer?) tendencies?

    I have neither of those signs in my chart really... For some reason, I have tendencies of these signs, like if someone does something that isn't very conscientious, like littering or even smaller things, I act like a parent a little bit (only for friends though, I'm not that bad haha) and...
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    Anything really striking about my chart?

    basically what it says above--just anything that really stands out? sorry if this is a bad question haha Thank you!
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    Cause for conflict?

    If two people both have a mercury in Aquarius and a mars in Leo, would this cause conflicts between them in general? Also, what would result? And I know a lot of people on here want the full chart, but I'm just asking in general thank you :)
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    How to guess the signs of fictional characters?

    I don't know why but whenever I read or watch something, etc. I am always trying to figure out their sun, moon, rising, and so on, but I never quite know what their mars is vs their moon or just how to figure it all out in general lol I hope this is in the right category... Anyways, thank you!!
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    Has anyone played Kingdom Hearts?

    Any idea about the characters' suns and moons? I have a feeling I'm alone here, but just in case... well anyways, I hope this question won't be removed or anything
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    what do you think of this combination?

    Aquarius moon in eighth house is this the worst combination ever? :/ lol
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    Why am I so much like a Libra?

    I feel so much like a Libra--and the only thing I have concerning Libra is the fifth house, but there aren't even any planets there! here are all my qualities some that are or aren't shallow -I love fashion and looking my best -I hate conflict or confrontation of any sort--I just like peace...
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    Any celebrities with a Pisces sun/Aquarius moon?

    All I know is Sterling Knight, but besides that I feel like the Pisces/Aquarius combination is so rare and I can't really find any celebrities with it! or maybe I'm just not looking well enough? Do any of you know of any? Thank you!
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    What talents (if any) are indicated in my chart?

    Thank you!!
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    How to get a Capricorn moon to open up?

    I think he's actually more shy around me than anything based on what I've learned and just the reactions, but as stubborn and withdrawn Capricorn (moons especially) are, how do I get someone with this moon to open up? Thank you!