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    Heart surgery (stent) when moon is in Leo, 2 days before full moon?

    Question: How bad is it to have heart surgery (stent) when moon is in Leo, 2 days before full moon? Greetings all, My father is going to have heart surgery this February 14th, and I read that it's bad to have heart surgery when the moon is in Leo (which it is from Feb 14 to Feb 16th). I've...
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    Curious about my chart

    Hello, new to astrology and wanted to ask about my chart. Curious about what my chart says about any strengths / weaknesses / pitfalls / best life path, etc, hoping to learn more about my chart and astro in general. Any insight / feedback is greatly appreciated :)
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    Tool to find exact time and date of certain moon illumination? (ie 33% illuminated)

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to find something where it will show me what time moon will hit 56% illuminated, or 26% illuminated, etc - without having to keep timeanddate or other sites open at all times and wait in real time for that illumination to happen. Some sites give you %'s, but just...
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    Greetings, I am new to astrology but am a very curious person and would like to learn more about this subject. Looking actually for a tool to find exact % illuminated moon figures, and the corresponding times, will post in recommendations subforum :)
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    How to figure out which house my North Node is in?

    I filled out one of those online forms where you enter your birthday, birthplace, time of birth, etc. Got a bunch of information but nowhere did it specifically show which house my North Node was in. Can someone suggest a service that will show me? Currently reading "Astrology for the Soul"...
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    Hello! New user, I find astrology very interesting. Hoping to learn more and start by figuring out how to find which house my North Node is in.