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    Venus conjunct the Ascendant.What are the effects?

    Thank you for this very holistic interpretation of venus. My venus and asc are conjuct by 5 degree in Leo in the 12H. This conjuct squares the top of both my yods. I have found that venus is not too happy in Leo and it becomes a dynamic of "who outshines who"? My sun (chart ruler) is actually...
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    Lilith conjunct South Node

    I too have Lilith conjuct SN in Virgo in 1H (actually a Leo rising, but asc is in 12th house). I think Lilith in the 1H has been challenging as a woman. I am really interested in how I can use this conjuct to propel me to my NN in Pisces (7H).
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    Yods created by sextile between Neptune & Pluto

    The following is the foundational base of my yod. Pluto is in my 4H in Scorpio, and Neptune in the 6H. The apex of the node is both my moon and jupiter (conjunct by 4 degrees), which I am wondering if this is two separate yods ? This thread is great and I am trying to step into understand my yod...