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    Midheaven in Scorpio And Your Career

    just stumbled upon this, now in 2020. i habe Scorpio midheaven cojuct pluto....pluto square Mars in aquarius 0°, saturn conjuct mars in aquarius ascendant almost 3°, moon in 8th house virgo. Now I'm a math teacher, i have been working for about three years but i feellike I want to change the career.
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    what is the biggest stellium you have seen

    i have seen someone with three stelliums in 7th, 9th and 12th house. he's an aquarius rising born in 1990. only one planet is out of the stelliums; mars. what i was trying to figure out is how the square of 9th and 12th house stelliums gonna work.
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    saturn return is here, ascendant conjuct saturn both opposite chiron.

    The ascendant is in Aquarius, saturn and Mars are in there also. WHAT TO WORK ON?