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    Abusive or narcissistic tendencies in this synastry?

    Re: Any indicators of abuse and emotional manipulation in this synastry? Who is in Blue and who is in red? I am assuming you are the Blue? Her are aspects that are very troubling: Red's Mars and Pluto square Blues Asc. Red's Mars/Pluto sit on Blues. Sun. Sun/Moon Asc aspects are the...
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    Will Smith and Jada

    Elena, I just looked at the synastry that you posted and it does have a TOB for Jada. Using that TOB they have several good aspects between their luminaries and luminaries and Ascendants which IMO are the best synastry aspects. It's really striking synastry. And
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    Will Smith and Jada

    Hello Elena, Their composite is quite interesting with a big stellium with the Sun which is usually a good omen if it is strengthened by other aspects which it is, and a really nice stellium with the Moon. But Uranus is in the Sun stellium it and that suggest an unconventional...
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    i have a cancer stellium but i don’t relate to it???

    Some astrologers would consider your Cancer planets to be a stellium . There seems to be two schools of thought on what makes a stellium. Some say it is anytime you have 3 or more planets in a sign. I am "old school" and agree with Zora that a stellium is 3 or more planets in conjunction and...
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    Help someone who is +15 years obsessed.

    Hello Laboutinsocial, In the chart you posted Pluto and Lilith are is omitted and these two usually are big culprits in obsessive relationships especially if they also aspect each other's Moon. In fact I just posted on my blog about these very same synastry aspects and I am drafting a second...
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    Composite chart- oppositions and Mars in the 12th?

    Mars in H12 by itself is not impossible but in this case it has no positive aspects to help. I just looked in the Rob hand Planet sin Composite book and here are some of his comments: " it is absolutely imperative that the two of you understand exactly what you want from this...
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    Weakening resolve towards potential relationships - help

    I can't seem to open the attachment to see if the Jupiter square Venus is a transit or a natal aspect. Anytime one has a Jupiter transit to one's Venus or a Venus transit to one's Jupiter one of the effects is a desire to indulge oneself in various pleasures, including things like spending...
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    The Gates are getting divorced!!

    So sorry I misspoke in my previous comment. The Composite of Bill and Ann has Uranus squaring the large stellium - but it carries the same influence.
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    The Gates are getting divorced!!

    Even without t.o.b. for both one can glean a lot from the synastry and composite. If you look at the Composite for the Gates, we can be certain that the Composite Moon is somewhere in a range of 6 degrees on either side of the Moon position in the chart. Which means that it has been undergoing...
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    How common do you think this is?

    My first astrology teacher called aspects between the charts as "hooks". They would act to draw you in or to irritate or repel you. So, yes the more hooks you have the more intense it would feel. Every planet in my chart aspected something in my ex-husbands chart.Even the Ascendants. It's...
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    Is there a light at the end of the tunnel or should I leave?

    Your chart: Pluto now getting close to your Sun. The Sun rules H8 in your chart, the house of shared resources,(your partner's money) and how we manage our relationships to maintain trust. This says the way you have conducted these areas must change. Although it will not be exact until 2023...
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    Is there a light at the end of the tunnel or should I leave?

    His Chart. He has many sextiles and trines that indicate he has much ability, many talents. His Moon is opposite Venus and that sometimes suggest that he is somewhat self-indulgent and desires an easy, carefree life. Not much I can say without the TOB except that the Nodes of the Moon are...
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    Is there a light at the end of the tunnel or should I leave?

    Here is the synastry chart. I hope others may comment. I don't see much that is hopeful here either. No good aspects between luminaries or planets on each others' nodes.
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    Is there a light at the end of the tunnel or should I leave?

    Here is the composite chart of your relationship. because we do not have a birth time for him there are no house cusps. I will post the synastry chart and both natals also. This chart has a very troubled Moon. It is conjunct Uranus which indicates emotional instability and to make matters...
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    Do Asteroids count in Stelliums and Aspect Patterns?

    Asteroids are relevant in any aspect pattern, but again, do not seem to have the same force as a planet. IMO when any asteroid or planet falls in a conjunction or stellium, all of the bodies in that stellium/conjunction act as a unit. Thus, I would consider that your Pholus is part of a H9...
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    Do Asteroids count in Stelliums and Aspect Patterns?

    Anytime an asteroid makes a close aspect they have influence although not as strong as that of a major planet. Most astrologers would allow a smaller orb for aspects to asteroids, usually only 2-3 degrees. It may not be considered a stellium but it is something to be considered. I suspect...
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    Synastry prospects for marriage.

    There are some nice synastry aspects but a so some that are not promising. Good ones: your Sun, Merc., Neptune conjunct her south Node Suns are trine Your Mars sextile her Pluto,Saturn Both have Earth sign Ascendants But these are the difficult ones; Your Sun, Merc., Neptune conjunct her...
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    Never had a more intense relationship that consumed me, what's going on?

    Typically fire sign people are very independent, and of all the elements, they are the most likely to bail out of difficult relationships. The moniker "fire" gets misinterpreted as meaning extremely passionate or emotional or obsessive, but this characterization misconstrues the basic meaning of...
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    Never had a more intense relationship that consumed me, what's going on?

    I skimmed thru this thread looking for a composite chart and di dnot see one. Did I miss it? It appears by eyeing the two charts that you may have a Composite Sun conjunct Composite Pluto and that conjunction may square the Composite Moon. It would be interesting to see the composite as this...
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    What type of man is he?

    I commented quite early on this thread and have not since. But a point that has not been raised is why this man chose to tell you that he was on cocaine at your second meeting. Sometimes people hide this type of behavior knowing it is a red flag for many not to mention it is illegal. So was...