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    Arabic Part of Fatality question

    Thank you. I will accept the premises that the naked eye with a clear sky can see the planets better than a telescope and that a sundial is more accurate than a watch.
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    Arabic Part of Fatality question

    I forgot to add that the chart is turned to get the planet on the ascendant.
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    Arabic Part of Fatality question

    Ancient astrology did not have the advantages we have. Modern measuring instruments such as watches, telescopes, etc changed the accuracy of placement of the planets. Whether a person uses sidereal or tropical makes a difference in location in the zodiac. Different methods of delineation were...
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    Arabic Part of Fatality question

    I love your last comment. The part of fortune is an Arabian point. I have found transits involving it are weak. Unless I am looking for the event, I don't notice it. I wouldn't concern myself. If you want to learn, watch the major transits to that point. You didn't say what planets were use...
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    Pluto transit orb

    You will experience the beginnings of the transit. The moon being involved, your will probably feel the beginning. Unless someone was designated to write down the exact moment of your first breath (mine was round to the closed quarter hour), you cannot be sure of the birth time for your chart...
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    Getting along

    I first found the the Sabian Symbols while reading the books of Dane Rudhyar. I still use "An Astrological Mandala". If you have some one you can relax with and have "An Astrological Mandala", look at the sign, house and aspects to your dragons head. Set that meaning in your mind then have the...
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    Getting along

    Strangers, strange people, are our teachers. They teach things that are not taught in academe, things that we cannot learn by being apart of a group where they all agree on cultural matters. Unfortunately some times learning can be painful. This not astrology so I will go not further here.
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    Getting along

    I didn't see your natal chart, but alone dragons head in the seventh house is the direction to go. It is the area of life experience to embrace.
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    With those three you are tough. 0:-) Welcome
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    the node and reality

    Underlying quantum theory is the concept of non locality. This means that there is no such thing as distance between objects . everything is connected on the quantum matrix. Every particle of matter is “entangled “ with every other particle of matter in the universe ,no matter how distantly...
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    Desperately hanging on for that rainbow

    All my knowledge about comes from bad choices and hind sight. Except for the deaths of loved ones, all the things I thought were bad turned out to be blessings in disguise.
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    Eating disorders and addictions

    I didn't look at your chart. I have cast over fifty charts of people with compulsions. I found no common denominator. I have a compulsion. The harder I fought the stronger it got. Finally, after giving up, I was able to get away from it. I don't fight it, but I do what needs to be done. Then I...
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    People that don't like to be touched

    I have been wrong a lot but I think it is bad to assume that the mores of one society is better than that of another.
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    What system do you find most accurate?

    For me they are all good. Each gives a little different perspective on the potential that is there.
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    Saturn is stupid

    Saturn ---- Angel of Discipline By Isabel M. Hickey In the deep darkness of grief and pain, I found the angel of Light again. She wore no lovely garment of white But was garbed in robes as deep as night. I saw in her arms no flower fair, Instead, a crucifix nestled there. She didn't...
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    Help! does this represent EVIL?

    Just glancing at the chart, look to the locations of Uranus and Pluto and how they aspect planets. It is my understanding that the symbol for Saturn was supposed to be an upside down Jupiter. With time passing and people writing fast the symbols evolved.
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    Please read my chart

    The chart you have posted has zero degrees of Aries on the first house cusp, but you say you have Lea rising. That is why I say it looks like a solar chart. Your Sun is conjunct the first house cusp. Nothing can be read with the info posted.
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    Are there any positives to having a packed 8th house....

    Home is any home you are or have a part of. You can see the roots of things; how things connect. VIP=$
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    Are there any positives to having a packed 8th house....

    I don't know if I will ever get used to this type of chart. It is hard for me to read. The first 20 years of my practice, I used pencil, paper, table of houses and ephemeris to cast charts. I could see everything together. It is much easier to use a computer though. No life is without pain...