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    How will Saturn in Pisces impact me?

    I have Saturn in Pisces natally. I'm scared it could be a very difficult time. I remember Saturn in Scorpio and that was the worst time of my life. Don't want anything similar happening.
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    Saturn in my chart? Missing out on life? Missing out on important things?

    I'm 28 now but years ago when I was 17-18, my anxiety became unbearable and I ended up becoming a recluse. My best friends abandoned me - everyone in my life disappeared when I developed severe OCD and anxiety and I became a serious loner (1st house Pluto). I spent a decade being a complete...
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    Why do I attract a lot of Virgo males?

    One even attempted to molest/rape me when I was in the hospital in 2019. My dark humor is tempted to type "lol" and giggle but it's kind of not funny. :tongue: But yeah, any thoughts on why I seem to attract so many Virgos? Or maybe they just seem to have the confidence to approach so they stick...
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    I have a hard time respecting authority

    I'm not trying to be difficult. I just can't help myself. I look at the people in charge and I genuinely believe they are making the wrong decisions, being biased, are corrupt or I could be doing way better than them in their position. This is how I feel many times. But most times I come across...
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    Where does my crazy optimism come from?

    I have a very strong sense of self-belief. I really believe in myself. I truly feel like I can accomplish my dreams in this lifetime if I truly wanted to, if I really gave it my all. Some people may think I'm delusional or crazy, and maybe they are right, but it goes back to the optimism thing...
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    Moon Square Saturn

    Do you have this placement? Know anybody with this placement? What are your thoughts/experiences with this placement? I have Moon in my 1st house squaring Saturn and it's like the main aspect in my chart. It has a huge effect on me and I'm trying to figure out how to heal and best use this...
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    Aries & the 6th house in my chart

    I have Venus, Lilith, Fortune and Ceres all in Aries in the 6th house. What would this mean together?
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    Why am I so scandalous?

    It's like I attract scandals. I do one thing for a few years and it always ends in a scandal. And then I move onto the next thing, do that for a few years and then another scandal pops up and I move onto something else. There's always a group of people in any environment that I'm in that want...
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    2nd House/Money in chart

    What does it look like for me? How does the 2nd House play out for me?
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    What is your experience with people who have Moon in the 1st House?

    I have this placement. It makes me a total teddy bear at heart.
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    My Mars situation

    It's wounded because it's conjunct Chiron. But my Mars also conjuncts my MC. I also have my Mars in Leo. And all of this is happening in the 10th House. Can anyone give me any insight on how all of this plays out in my chart?
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    Which signs would be a good fit for me in a relationship?

    I'm curious. I usually attract Aries men like crazy or men with Taurus on the Ascendant. Libras are scared of me. Geminis are my baes. Leo's love me. And Scorpio's I usually don't talk to or we just hate eachother. Any input would be good. I feel like my future bae is gonna be a Leo or an Aries.
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    Node reversal transit, huge changes, putting myself out there publicly

    I'm having a really big transit with the North Node going into Gemini and the South Node going into Sagittarius since my South Node is Gem 8th house and North Node is Sagittarius 2nd house. I've super recently began starting a new chapter in my life after a very rough decade. I was super...
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    Public breakdown

    Why do I feel like people view my life like it's a television show or something? I I go through things and they become so public for people to judge... I feel like my whole life is up for display to the people I know. People always judge me and speculate things about me. I'm always a "hot...
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    Nodes changing, South Node Gemini, North Node Sagittarius

    With the nodes changing on the 6th of this month, how will it effect my chart? What area of my life will be effected? Which area of my life was the Cancer/Capricorn nodes effecting me? My Sun is in Gemini and my Moon is in Sagittarius. My South Node is Gemini and my North Node is Sag. The new...
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    Guess my ASC/1st House based off of my appearance

    Lol I'm nervous but super curious And I know, I have a different style for a dude lol :unsure: Any guesses of possible placements/aspects/whatever appreciated and encouraged ty
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    I start wrestling training in February

    I had a little training here and there but my anxiety couldn't handle the interactive, social experience of it all so I had to stop. Was also dealing with a drinking problem and was out of shape at the time. I am going back in February, way better health mentally, physically, very determined...
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    Extreme inner-rage, mommy issues, obsessive personality

    Nevermind. I realize I made a similar thread awhile ago.
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    My soulmate/twinflame is a Pisces Sun, Libra Moon, Virgo Rising