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    My Solar Return chart – is this the year?

    Hi, Can someone take a look and tell if they see relationship and childbirth from my Solar return chart? Second chart is with natal + progressions + Solar arc. I’m 39 years in two days and becoming more and more worried it won’t happen to me. To have a family of my own is so important to me...
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    Will we end up together?

    How does this connection look like? For me it seems Jupiter will block us coming together? And L7 Mars is soon forgetting Venus as he is leaving my sign and moving ahead? There is only applying quincunx between Venus and Mars, so we won’t see eye to eye? We are not coming together? It’s love...
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    Progressed Mc trine Uranus

    I can't find hardly any information about this progression. I have progressed MC trine Uranus and also SA MC trine Uranus going on. I wonder if it's similar to Uranus trine MC transit? Uranus is my 5th ruler. So maybe some art/career related smooth shift?
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    New relationship?

    Hi, it's been a while! I made a new chart of when I would start dating someone seriously. The question also included that it is a person with whom I can start a family. I noticed there is Uranus inside the 7th house and it will trine Moon. It is actually the next aspect of the Moon. So...
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    Work ***** at the moment. Any relive ahead?

    I have very hard time at work currently. I’m exhausted all the time and having very short temperament. I’m thinking if I should change job or take a long sick leave due my over exhaustion and depression. I’m wondering how it looks like, will my situation change for better? I have money issues...
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    Will I be offered new job contract?

    So I told I could not commit to a contract for a year and they promised to find out if a shorter period would work out. My question is if they offer me new contact or not? Asc is late so apparently it is already decided? Or does it signify a change? Aka I will be soon about of job? As Moon will...
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    Will I win?

    I’m asking if I will win or be selected to this art related happening I applied? Question was asked 3 days ago btw. I’m not sure how to interpret this as 10th house ruler is same as asc ruler Mercury. I’m I then only Moon? Venus, planet of arts and minor fortune is next to ascendant and...
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    Will we meet again?

    I met this wonderful man last week. It was during chaotic situation and I don’t know even his name. But he is stuck in my mind. I my question is will we meet again? My internet towards him is romantic. There is no aspects of the moon left except trine to POF and our significantors will meet...
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    Will I be fired?

    My probationary period will be over after Feb. Im wondering will I fired? I have been little bit difficult from my employer point of view. Standing my ground etc. I have been working there earlier too so I know already how they try to take advantage of employees. So it’s not been so easy with me...
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    Out of Bounds Moon?

    I don't know if this right forum to ask but how do you calculate exact dates when Moon is out of bounds? Do you know some good online calculator? I used, but it only produces this kind of uclear chart (attached). I can´t even say exactly what year is its impossible to...
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    Will they Divorce?

    First question is if this chart is readable as ascendant is so late? Or maybe it’s just telling it’s done deal? He is Sun and she is Saturn. They are separating by conjunction. Moon’s next aspect is trine to Saturn. Mars, planet of divorce is exactly at 10th house cusp. I don’t know how to read...
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    Feelings towards me?

    I’m wondering if he has feelings toward me. He is Mercury and I’m Jupiter. We already agreed to stay friends but I find it hard. Because L7 is inside H1 and that emplacement..I think there is feelings towards meZ also his second significator Sun is inside first house. I’m wondering what is...
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    If you have time could you also take a look at my chart? I’m interested to know when I would be in relationships and most importantly when I will have a child of my own. Or can I have more that one. I’m already considering should I make child via healthcare as I can’t find anyone who loves me...
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    Help with T-square

    Can someone help me to understand my T-square and how to balance it? I’m try to find practical advices. It’s between Chiron-Jupiter-Venus and Venus 12th house cusp is the focal planet. It’s also mutable so that might make easier. Release point is at 5th house 2Pisces37. But I don’t what to do...
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    When will I quit my job?

    My situation is this. I have been working this place about 1,5 years and I just made new contract with them the beginning if September and I should be there at least 1 one year and there is opinion to second. But at the moment I hate that place and I had to apply sick leave due exhaustion. I...
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    Solar return natal 7th ruler inside solar 7th house

    I just had birthday and I’m wondering themes of a next solar year. My natal 7th house ruler is inside 7th house. Will this bring relationship? I’m also wondering what might Jupiter Saturn and Pluto bring as they are all 5th house cups.
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    When will i date?

    When will I date someone seriously? I’m Mars and 7th house ruler is Venus. There is passing sextile between moon and Venus so that won’t help. Sun will trine Mars. Will this bring something or will Pluto block it? Moon is on descendant and I’m feeling emotional about this subject. Moon will...
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    SA node to pluto

    What would be meaning of solar arc Node square my Pluto? My Natal Pluto is at 2nd house and solar arc node has moved to 10th house. Maybe I will meet influential woman that can help me with my career? Scorpio will rule my natal 3th and solar arc 1st and 2nd house. Transiting SA node is in...
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    Will he change his mind?

    I just had relationship conversation with the one I wish to be with in ten future. And he said doesn’t feel anything towards me. And talked about his difficult life situation. He has kids and two jobs. I’m of course very sad and my question is will he change his mind. Will he become a couple...
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    Will they have a child together?

    This is her question: Will i have child together this man im seeing? She is almost 40 so she is keen to know this. They haven't been so long together. Chart is early by few minutes. Can it be read at all is my first question? She is Mercury and he is Jupiter. As she is Virgo it's not in...