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    Is it gonna happen?

    Career/job related with writing. That Moon seems promising, but the Uranus not that much. Anyway, I have not much idea of horary; any help will be much appreciated:P
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    Career, life, direction, fate.

    I have been lost for much time, and although I'm now a bit better, I'm still recollecting nothing -since I planted nothing. Is this getting better in the future? Where is my life going to? I'm especially concered about career. I would appreciate any aid and any insight possible. Since I...
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    Have you realized the aspect itself is biased? I mean, it's staying about days in the same pattern for everybody who borns during those days; only the quintiles of Moon,asc and midheaven move around. Is this aspect made for the green dollar instead for real astrology? I don't think it should be...
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    Jupiter 2th house

    I always have read that it promises wealth, but other than that, what does it say about career/job? What do you think of this placement?
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    What do you think of the quindecile? Was Noel Tyl way over his head? Do you find it to be interesting and to be used? Any experience during a reading? Obsession?
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    Cusp and when

    When do you consider the planet to be applying to the next cusp? A planet within 1 degree of the next cusp is already in the next house? What's your opinion about the Pluto of the chart i will link? Any insight about the cusps would be appreciated, I find this to be very ambiguous in general
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    What do you think of them? Are they a regular tool for every astrologic interpretation?, i heard they were tied to uranian astrology. Do you include the 8th harmonic hard aspects in them? They hold any insight when using them for harmonics charts? i.e fifth harmonic.
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    I have a stellium forming of Neptune, Uranus and Moon in 6th house all of them conjunct in the sign of capricorn, also making an opposition to mercury in cancer -12th house, with squares to midheaven in aries. I struggle a lot and i don't know how to handle the energy (had big stomachal issues)...