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    Possibility of Nuclear War

    Ukraine lost 1652 tanks: Russia lost 6396 tanks, or 4X more, documented. Total count including undocumented is much higher.
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    Possibility of Nuclear War

    Ukraine lost 1652 tanks: Russia lost 6396 tanks, or 4X more, documented. Total count including undocumented is much higher.
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    Possibility of Nuclear War

    Heavy casualties, July count at 75000:
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    Possibility of Nuclear War

    Rapid total loss of "occupied" territory Back in April, the BEST Russian battleship was sunk by two missiles...
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    Possibility of Nuclear War

    I can understand why you all think Russia is not losing. But I watch news from non-US sources, and Russian army is being obliterated. I think US and West wants the war going and needs reasons for citizens to continue to supply advanced weaponry to Ukraine so that the West can setback Russia by...
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    Possibility of Nuclear War

    It's seven months into the Ukraine/Russia war, and Russia is losing badly. The West could have put an end to this war by coming onto the negotiation table and address Russia's original security concern of Ukraine joining NATO. Putin obviously can end the war at any time but it will be a...
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    Putin/Russia losing in Ukraine

    The only bad transit that I can see in Putin's chart is Saturn conjunct IC, opposing MC, and Neptune square his Mercury. There will be Uranus square his IC/MC in the summer of 2023. Are these enough to explain Putin's failure? Or is it also predicting that Putin can still hold on to power...
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    Can he be a good astrologer/counselor, Chiron/Pluto midpoint at Midheaven?

    What kind of vocations may be good for this chart, with Chiron/Pluto midpoint right at the MidHeaven? How about Venus/Jupiter in 6th house, with the ruler of 2nd house (Venus) in 6th? Also, there is Moon in 3rd house, opposing Pluto from 9th. I think many good writers/speakers or journalists...
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    Random presidential thoughts

    Just a correction. Nebraska was also SPLIT as 4 (Trump) + 1 (Biden). That would put the final result as 270 (Biden) + 268 (Trump), using the assumptions from previous election map (except for Nebraska).
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    Random presidential thoughts

    My gosh, it seems that there will be an exact TIE, 269 vs 269 for electoral votes. And then it will be decided by the new House of Representatives, each state having just 1 vote.
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    Transiting Saturn-Pluto Conjunction 1/12/2020

    Thanks for the links. I actually got confused with the terms, but corrected it afterwards. I meant Air Trigon, and will be in Aquarius. The Trigon last about 200 years each.
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    Transiting Saturn-Pluto Conjunction 1/12/2020

    It's obvious that stocks have crashed, and I think that the next greater bull may take awhile. Can anyone comment on the entire clustering of conjunctions of Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Mars, in the coming days, until we start the Air Trigon after 12/21/2020? I read that this current sequence of...
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    How to diffuse my 8th house stellium energy

    So many things have changed since, and yet so many things haven't changed. I thought I may lose job or get hospitalized, when Neptune oppose Sun/Mars came. Instead, I lost my "self" (Sun) and my integrity (Mars). I thought I may go through a marriage crisis when Saturn/Pluto oppose my Venus...
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    Synastry with tight orbs on asteroids/etc.

    Hi, Can anyone comment on this synastry? I don't have the accurate birth time nor location for the first person, but because both the Mercury and Mars were retrograde, using the maximum time zone difference, and also covering 24 hours span in all time zones, Mercury can be at 1 deg 55 to 0...
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    Random Observation of the Day

    In the morning, my newly moved-in tenant, same age as I am, was moving her refrigerator with her daughter. She asked for my help to move it to second floor. I hesitated a bit since this is the first time that I move a refrigerator. But I'm afraid of them getting hurt. Just two women moving a...
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    What career is for Uranus/Sun/Venus in 10th house?

    Didn't notice that his Neptune conjunct MC that. I also have Neptune in 10th, but it's conjunct 11th cusp. No wonder I keep wanting to start a charity. My son can be good in science/math, if he is given time. The problem is that he doesn't seem to have a quick mind. He can understand...
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    What career is for Uranus/Sun/Venus in 10th house?

    My son is in high school, and I'd like to direct him in the right path. I'm not good with natal charts. I thought maybe he could be into engineering with Uranus in his 10th. He can do some very basic computer programming in Javascript. But I don't think he is super-bright, in like top 1%...
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    Natal midpoint interpretation

    Anybody made a backup of John Sandbach's website? I used to look up the interpretations on his site, but it's all gone now. I have Uranus/Neptune midpoint conjunct Midheaven natally, and my son has Pluto/Chiron...
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    Houses of Wealth

    Based on my chart, I can identify that 11th house, the 2nd house from 10th (career), appears to be income from your job. However, it could also be due to that my 11th/12th house Jupiter is the ruler of my second house cusp at Pisces. I had all sorts of financial encounters, and I can tell you...
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    Massive house repairs: Am I still under Neptune oppose Mercury transit?

    After a "professional" installation of cooktop, my tenant complained there was a gap. I had to go there & re-position it. I really thought that would be the end of it. I came home to find out 4 electric sockets went out in my home, and spent 2 hours getting it back to order. Then the...