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    Engagement broken

    This is the chart for my question: why the engagement has been broken? I take the 7th house for the engagement. As Jupiter is the Lord of pisces and beeing in the 4th, the house of ending, it shows that there have been several breakings because of the retrograde of Jupiter. The T-square between...
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    The reason why she will not come?

    There will be an family anniversary soon and granddaughter is too busy and will not come. But is that the real true reason? ASC ruler = Mercury = me Mercury in the 7th means, I am in her house and more interested than she is. She is Jupiter, retrograde, in the 3rd, the house of communication...
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    House concerned?

    Hi, I am not sure if this question will be right here. So, if I will know in Horary if I have been victim of a fraud, what house would you take for fraud? The 12th, because Neptune is the the ruler, or the 11th for illusion, utopics or quite another house? Thank you for your help!:smile: Sunny
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    The waning or waxing Moon

    I am not sure if I have to post my question here, but I want to know where I can see in the ephemerids of 1886 if the Moon is a waning or a waxing one. Somebody could help, please? Many thanks in advance! :)
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    Where are they?

    Hi, I wanted to plant some of my potted irises but don't find them even that I was looking for about three hours now. So, as I need them, I ask: where are they? ASC Leo and its ruler Sun (me) is in Gemini in the 10th, angular house. Good aspects to the Moon in the 6th what could mean that it...
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    Actually we have an quinconx (150°) between Venus and Moon, and another from Sun to Jupiter. I am not very used to understand really this aspect and have heard that this means that we have to rectify something. So my question is : how would you manage these two aspects now? what have we to learn...
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    What does she want really?

    An unknown person to me, who isn't new here, wants suddenly to contact her neighbours. So I'm asking, what does she want really? Is there only curiosity? I wonder that she makes such a presentation now while she lives apparently already several years here. The ASC in Gemini and his ruler...
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    what has she?

    My cat is ill. She don't let take her and after running normally she now is very slow, but I cannot see what it could be. The only thing is that she keep on her belly when laying. So my question : what has she? She is Mercury in the 11th, the sign of Scorpio in the house of Aquarius. Uranus in...
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    Being warned and not acting about

    Would that happen to you, too? In several occasions I observed that when I'm feeling one situation or mainly persons there are not at all just what I like normally, that I have the tendancy to overcome my mind, to excuse the person in advance with the idea that I could certainly do an error on...
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    How shall I do ?

    Hello! What could I do other than wait? J want to obtain a clear and open discussion with a person who dont like to be clear and dont like to discuss. That isn't really a fine situation. So, what does the chart show in this case? Saturn, as the querent sits in the 8th in Libra where he is...
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    Where is my Ear-Ring?

    I lost one of my Ear-Rings. I put it into a small plastic bag and this in my hand bag. But now, there is only one. Where could it be? Asc in Cancer, so I am represented by the Moon which is conjuncting the ASC by the 12th. Perhaps I am blind? The ruler of the quesited is Saturn sitting in the...
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    What is with my cat?

    So, I hope I am right here. My question "What is with my cat?" concerns the paw of my cat. She cannot put it down and so is limping all the way. The first day, she suffered, then after medicaments it is good now and I can touch it's paw without problems. No wound, no sign of anything I saw...
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    Will he triumphe over me?

    There is a guy who wants to have my place. We are not so in relation but had some superficial verbal exchanges about travels and gardening. As he has a good place in a city office I didn't even suppose that he want to do my work, too. So I put the question if he will triumphe over me, that's...
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    Did he receive his communion?

    So I want to know if that little boy received his communion and how it happened. The child, or better young boy ist signified by the Sun, ruler of the 5th, and conjuncting Mercury (young child) and placed in the 7th, house of union, association and marriage. The Sun/Mercury squares Mars in the...
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    Pluton in Solar Return

    Hi to all! This year I'll have Pluton in the ASC of my Sorlar Return. It comes over my 2nd and 3rd natal houses. What could this mean? As the ASC signifies my own soul and being, will I become a poor woman:crying:, because I am in the energies of Pluton and so knock out my monney? No...
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    Will we understand us?

    So I am in the situation that new friends who I never saw invited themselves here to visit me. They will make a long voyage, and I am too busy actually. So I wanted to know how this visit will be, if we'll be content each from the other. ASC in Aries, his ruler Mars in Lion in the 5th - that's...
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    Will the matter with the P. have a good result?

    :saturn:So, I think I am already quite into this evil Mercury Rx. The troubles are coming from the non-delivery of my packages. And that since some years. Always other signs were pretexted, that we don't have this or that - a long story. Briefly, all occasions are picked up and we are again in...
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    mercantile activities

    Hi to all!:happy: When someone wants to know about his mercantile activities, where do you have a look for it? First Mercury, then the third house? Or, the second house for income ? The 10th for successful operations? Gemini, or the planet which rules the objects, like Venus for jewellery and...
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    Mars transiting POF

    Hi! When Mars transits the POF in 8th, and when this same configuration aspects by quincunx the natal Mars - what could happen? The 8th - house of inheritance, of deep changes and transformations concerning the home (taurus), the Part of Fortune will not be necessarly a winning of material...
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    synastry with daughter-in-law

    Deleted by request - Moderator