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    Astrology of fertility and children

    I thought i'd post a thread on this, as queries on this arise time and time again. WHOLE SIGN HOUSES and TRADITIONAL RULERS are used. The most important considerations for fertility and children are: 1. The Lot of Children. If the Sun is above the horizon (above the Asc/Desc axis), then...
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    Sarah Palin - Aries rising?

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    Gerry Ryan (Irish broadcaster) 1956 - 2010

    Below is my proposed rectification of the late Gerry Ryan's natal chart (using whole sign houses). I'm posting it here for educational purposes. For those unfamiliar with the man, here's his biography: From the...
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    Does your Sun or Moon indicate a parent's natal placement?

    I've seen this to occur for a lot of charts I've seen (including my own), but not everyone will have it. Using this egyptian bounds table: How to interpret the table: 1. Note the exact degree of your Sun and Moon. For example, If my Sun was 9.27 Pisces (10 Pisces) and my Moon was 14.55...
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    Who will win Massacheussets Senate seat?

    Well? Any Predictions from the anyone on the forum? 2010 is going to be a good year generally for the GOP as Jupiter enters Pisces (Jupiter represents the GOP). Obama is going to be have some major crisis/issues to deal with in March as Mars stations direct at 1 Leo (opposing his whole sign 1st...
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    Moon dispositor theory and U.S Presidential inaugurations

    I recently discovered a simple method to predict which party will win the American Presidential election in the year in question. The method is based on the following theory: Jupiter represents the Republican party Saturn represents the Democratic party If we follow the dispositor trail of...
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    Antiscia of the first degree of Taurus = Regulus

    I recently noticed that some famous people have an important planet in the first degree of Taurus, which is the antiscia of 30 Leo, the degree of the fixed star Regulus, which bestows fame among other things if suitably configured in the chart. Some examples: Ronald Reagan: Capricorn rising...
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    Suicide - indicators from the natal chart

    I have observed the following common indicators in the charts of people who have commited suicide (using whole sign houses [e.g if 25 Gemini is rising all of Gemini is H1, Cancer is H2 and so on] and traditional rulers). I looked at the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mars and H8 and its ruler. The...
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    Ireland's birth chart

    I base Ireland's birth chart on the following statement from official records: That statement in Irish means that the first sitting of the parliament of the country (Dail Eireann) took place at 3.30pm in Dublin. Based on my own research, I believe this chart to be valid. Consider for example...
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    Gauquelin's findings - 9th and 12th house strongest?

    I recently found an interesting article on the internet summarising Gauquelin's findings in relation to natal astrology. As most of you may be familiar with, he concludes that the position of certain planets relative to the 4 angles is the most important factor in determining career path and...
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    U.S threat level elevated (Code yellow)

    I checked this after looking at some of the transits to the natal and progressed U.S natal chart. Based on astrology, I would have Orange (High risk) all month and Red (severe risk) from January 18th to 21st. I'll explian why: First, some planetary positions - U.S natal Mars: 21.17 Gemini...
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    Maladies and the Degrees of the Zodiac

    The list below shows the interpretations of ancient authorities on the degrees of the zodiac and their relationship to illness and other afflictions. Bear in mind that when these conclusions were reached, the practice of medicine was primitive compared to todays standards and death by violent...
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    Obama and the quincunx problem

    The major problem for astrologers who call the election for Barack Obama is the lack of positive activity at his progressed angles. Previous milestones in his political career are all marked by undoubtedly positive indicators: Graduated from Harvard: Progressed Asc 25 Pisces sextile natal...
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    Signs of longevity

    Supposedly the following are indications of longevity in the natal chart: > Sun in aspect to Mars and Jupiter. Positive or negative aspects except for the Mars opposition. > According to Magi Astrology, Neptune enhancement of the Sun. I take enhancement to mean a Trine or conjunction. >...
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    US Presidential race - Who will win?

    Heres why I believe Astrologically, that John McCain will win the election (From a neutral, European citizen): On election day, November 4th 2008, the Moon which represents the mood of the people, will be in Capricorn. A standard rule which holds true 95% of the time in parliamentary...
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    Fertility Queries - good link

    For all those asking about fertility/pregnancy, the following link may be helpful: