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  1. serafin5

    Terrible insomnia

    Hey Astrologers having rough time with severe insomnia. Here is my Bday info as I am unable to post my chart: 2/19/64 11:30pm Los Angeles, CA Thank you Serafin5
  2. serafin5

    Read my chart

    Re: Deep longing (Moon - Pluto), but compatible otherwise Wow Comdoc interesting reading this is exactly what I wanted to know too. Ima re-read this -much food for thought here. Thank you for your well wishes with love but tell me-I do not have a Synastry chart nor composit but what can you...
  3. serafin5

    Could this be the real thing?

    Hey Astrologers: Could use synastry feedback using these Bdays PLEASE! 2/19/64 LA, Ca 11:30pm - her 6/16/76 Wenatche, Wa 10:54am - him What I am personally seeing is amazing! Thanks guys, Serafin5
  4. serafin5

    Gotta BDay coming up Astrologers!!!!!

    Feedback anyone? 2/19/64 LA, Ca 11:30pm This year has already started out efin freaky! No one knows what the future holds but holding out for a bit of good to come.? Love and missed all y'all! Serafin5
  5. serafin5

    Survived recent profound experience; feedback anyone?

    Hey Astrologers! Long time member here but have been away for a minute. Any insight as to upcoming transits/solar return? Data: 2/1964 11:30pm Los Angeles, Ca. I've not been well and appreciate any all insights. Thank you Serafin5
  6. serafin5

    Synastry using traditional methodology

    Hey Trad Astrologers! I've been looking on the net for something written that may have a kind of list of what to look for when doing Synastry Charts but using Traditional methods and only found one such site but you have to pay and send off for their report. I was hoping for some insight here...
  7. serafin5

    Happy birthday bob zemco!!!!

    Wherever you are!!! S5
  8. serafin5

    In Traditional Astrology are "Midpoints" used?

    Please forgive me Traditional Astrologers while I am not new to astrology I am still learning Traditional methods and I am wondering if "Midpoints" are used here? I did try a search before starting a thread with no results. Thanks guys! S5
  9. serafin5

    Happy bday mandy - xoxox!!!

    Here's hoping you have the best day ever and may this be the best Solar Return of your life!!! You are the most dedicated of students, the hardest of workers, a most sensitive and astute astrologer, the most loving and loyal of friends - Love you girl!!!:love::love::love: Serafin5
  10. serafin5

    Happy bday tsmall!!!!

    :love::love::love: Here's wishing you and yours a most special day, TSmall!! You're such an inspiration to me hon as you are such an amazing astrologer not to mention my new lovely friend; thank you for being here for me always!!!! Blessings to you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Serafin5:biggrin:
  11. serafin5

    What are the reasons for my perpetual insomnia?

    Hi Horary astrologers! I would appreciate any help in determining why I have had continued insomnia for so long now I cant really remember a time before its onset! :sad: Today is 9/26/12, in Barstow, CA @ 7:47pm. Thank you so much guys; I really admire what you do here with Horary Astrology...
  12. serafin5

    New to medical astrology and need help!!

    Hey Medical Astrologers: My problem is this: I've been having stomache pains off and on for a while now and I am getting ready to see my MD soon, what Id like to know is if this problem based on my Natal chart could it be potentially serious? As I am still learning about Medical Astrology Im...
  13. serafin5

    Will decision be fav. From appeal ssi

    OK So I had a hearing in Oct for SSI Disability and it was not favorable so my attorney sent my medical file and taping of hearing to an Appeals Council and should render decision in approx. 9 months(!). What will outcome be? March 4, 2012 1:12am Hesperia, Ca One more time astrologers, for old...
  14. serafin5

    Any astrological magazines/catalogues?

    Can anyone tell me if there are any reputable magazines/catalogues for the discerning Astrology Student/Practitioner out there offering good articles, books, and astrological novelties for the home? If not there should be! Thanks, Serafin5:biggrin:
  15. serafin5

    Yods in my Natal Chart? Please help

    Dear Astrologers: It was recently suggested that I may have a Yod(s) in my Natal Chart and that this may be key for me to understanding that these aspects can be extremely revealing and/or healing. Please help with any input on this. Appreciatively, Serafin5:biggrin:
  16. serafin5

    Interpret my chart

    I have Mercury in Aquarius in the 3rdH, ALSO with a mutual reception to Uranus in Virgo in the 10th, however, I'm not completely sure how this would be interpreted.??? Thanks, Serafin5:smile:
  17. serafin5

    HELP ASTROLOGERS! Will my SSI Disability be approved?

    Dear AW Astrologers: I need your help. Horary Astrology is a brand new concept for me but so far just reading how you guys analyze, for example, a missing child, is impressive. You guys were 100% right! That's just an example, there have been more. So very soon I will be receiving a court date...
  18. serafin5

    Black Moon? Lilith?

    Astrologers: Please help me find out which "Lilith" is "black moon" and which is "asteroid" Lilith? Maybe there is a specific site that helps one differentiate between the two (or three; isn't there a 3rd Lilith)? Thanks! Serafin5:smile:
  19. serafin5

    quandry:is my natal mars in aquarius or pisces?

    Hi! I am relatively new here but I really love this site; I've learned so much in such a short time. I'm basically a self-taught astrologer; I started doing charts when I was 16 yrs. old with the help of "The Astrologers Handbook". I am a 00Pisces sn/Taurus moon/Scorpio Asc. My problem is I keep...