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  1. Rawiri

    Secret to an 82%+ Accuracy in Predictive Astrology Readings

    And lose friends and alienate people...all while never even looking at a chart. Just say what nobody wants to hear. "Will I be famous?" -> "No." "Will I be rich?" -> "No." "Will we get married?" -> You guessed it, "No." "When will I be happy?" -> "Never." You'll be wrong sometimes. But not...
  2. Rawiri

    Timing Events Through Planetary Days & Hours

    This is a bit of a stretch, but I was curious if anyone "out there" was aware of any tradition (or even modern system) which has used the planetary days and hours as a time-lord/dasha system in order to predict the time of events? The idea occurred to me in the shower but I cannot recall ever...
  3. Rawiri


    Hey, Figured I should introduce myself and not just start barging around like I own the place. I've been studying astrology more seriously for hm ~1 year or so, but I'm a mystic/occultist through and through so have dabbled in it for perhaps a decade. I am young though - about a quarter of a...