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  1. bradderz777

    Transit Jupiter in 1st house

    Hi all. I am wondering if anyone can please share some positive about Jupiter transiting the 1st house. It is very close to entering my 1st house on the last degree of my 12th house. I want to know what if anything if it will be any better being in my 1st house than my 12th. Lately i have had 4...
  2. bradderz777

    Losing hope, suicidal

    I don't want to sound like I am feeling sorry for myself. But i need to let it out. My life is seriously falling apart. There are deep family issues happening right now. My grandma suffering with cancer, my dad a severe alcoholic with bipolar dishorder who is constantly being abused violently by...
  3. bradderz777

    Is it too soon to become employed?

    Hi everyone, I have an interview tomorrow (in UK time) and an interview next week. Both jobs are for call centre customer service representatives, which I have no experience in, so it will involve a lot of communication. I must say that this month has been a very stressful time for me, not...
  4. bradderz777

    Will my dad survive...

    How do I start with this one... it's very difficult to explain. My dad has been recently rushed into hospital because he cannot look after himself properly. He's not eating properly and has probably only eaten a slice of bread's worth of food within the past week. He is extremely thin and he has...
  5. bradderz777

    Harsh Saturn

    I know Saturn gives us the tough lessons we should learn but does anyone get seriously irritated by Saturn transits? Especially now as it is opposing the stellium in Taurus.... And my natal Sun for that matter. Any honest opinions are recommended. Brad.
  6. bradderz777

    Threats from North Korea

    Hello, Does anyone know astrologically on what is causing North Korea to suddenly get massively aggressive lately from all the commotion from the news of it threatening the world? Does anyone think it's the current Mars in Aries square Pluto? This is just out of complete curiosity... Brad
  7. bradderz777

    Possible chance of high fortune?

    Hi there, I would just like to randomly ask if there's a possible chance of high fortune in my natal chart (affected by transits) I have joined an online network marketing company with my relatives and people say it's where big money is made. I'm just curious if that this is mentioned in my...
  8. bradderz777

    May lose my friends

    Hello, I have a problem at the moment, my friends (mainly females) are helping me get a job (which is a good thing) and that this shows that they care for me. However, this has caused a lot of arguments, they think I am twisting it round by me being the victim and it being all their fault and I...
  9. bradderz777

    Transit Neptune Square Natal Sun

    Hello, I have had this transit for almost 3 years now, I want to know how long it will be before it clears off and leaves me alone...ever since it has squared my natal Sun, I have been out drinking with friends, and the nights haven't gone particually well towards the end. Can anyone tell me...
  10. bradderz777

    Transit Saturn in Scorpio in first house

    Has or is anyone currently experiencing this right now? I am and it's very tough Brad.
  11. bradderz777

    Read this chart for the lottery

    I would like someone to have a glance at my chart if that's okay, to see if there is any possibility of me winning the lottery? I first started putting it on a few months ago, being lotto and euro millions, didn't win on either of them. I then kept doing it, still no luck, but I got numbers...
  12. bradderz777

    Presidential Election 2012

    I'm not sure if I've put this on the right part of the forum but anyway, basically does anyone know if Barrack Obama will win this next election? of if he has a possibility? I'm from England (UK) and I really like your country a lot. (Assuming this forum is American) and I'm really interested...
  13. bradderz777


    Hi, Sorry, I don't want to sound "morbid" but I am on the verge of killing myself, an awful lot is happening in my life at the moment, please can someone help me? I am VERY DEPRESSED :'( no joke/lie, and I am not attention seeking, I need help, I know that, but I have Transit Sun conjunct...
  14. bradderz777

    Saturn now in Scorpio

    On a general basis, what's your views on this? As of yesterday, Saturn has now entered Scorpio. What do you think its impact will have affecting us?
  15. bradderz777

    Transit Saturn approching 1st house

    Transit Saturn approching 1st house and a few other aspects Hi, Can someone please tell me what this may mean by transiting Saturn in my 1st house? Will it be yet another tough experience for me? As it will eventually conjunct my natal Moon and natal Pluto. I've also found it interesting to...
  16. bradderz777

    Moving home

    Hello everyone, I am moving home tomorrow with my mother and sister, I have lived in this house for exactly 10 years. We are moving to a new estate but it is next to an estate which isn't exactly nice, crime activity is very common in that area. I would like to know if this moving house...
  17. bradderz777

    Transit Mars conjunct Transit Saturn in 12th house

    Hello, Can anyone give me an explanation of what this means? I'm not doing generally great lately, especially in the careers department. I have no job, I'm on benefits and have hardly any money. Could this be the reason being Transit Mars and Transit Saturn being in my 12th house? Although...
  18. bradderz777

    London 2012 Olympics, Sun and Mercury Rx in Leo

    Will this configuration be good for my country (UK)? The Olympic opening ceremony is happening right now as I write this post. I've heard Leo is all about performing and shows, since the sun and mercury are in Leo now I think it could be a good time for everyone or could this bring up more UK...
  19. bradderz777

    Transit Jupiter conjunct natal Jupiter, its detriment

    Hello, I would just like to ask a basic question. Jupiter is about to transit through my 8th house, and conjunct my natal Jupiter and natal Venus as well. I've heard rumors that this is a strong financial aspect, although I am not currently doing well financially at the moment. My student loan...
  20. bradderz777

    Jupiter in Gemini

    Basically, Jupiter has entered the sign of Gemini today. Does anyone know what this means on a general basis? Just out of curiosity... Brad.