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  1. Vagabondgirl

    Should I meet this guy?

    Hello Rahu! Beaten the odds or Im just a weirdo!? Our finances have actually improved alot after I finished my studies and started working and my husband got a "promotion" and a raise so that could be true:smile: I attached my sons chart here, if you would care to comment? He is late aries...
  2. Vagabondgirl

    Should I meet this guy?

    Hi there! Still alive and kicking :wink: Yes its true what Horus said, we are in fact married now and just had a baby boy this spring and are living abroad together finally. We actually had a 3 year long longdistance relationship which was "weird" enough for the uranus in the 7th house placement...
  3. Vagabondgirl

    Sixth house

    I have sun moon mercury venus mars saturn pluto in the 6th and this house is huge. Naturally Im in the health field :) I have had periods where I worry alot about my health for no reason. But as long as I do something constructive with my mind and body I can keep it away. I go crazy and worry...
  4. Vagabondgirl

    why are virgo moon's considered as shy

    Virgo moon. Not that shy, maybe I was as a kid. We are practical people though, and perhaps intellectual.
  5. Vagabondgirl

    psychic aspects

    I know neptune-moon aspects give psychic dreams or visions. I have the square and had alot of the dreams, almost like visiting the future or other time dimensions and then ending up there in real life and meeting the people from my dreams. Also a water moon may make you sensitive. Water mercury...
  6. Vagabondgirl

    Is my Moon square Neptune strong enough to affect me?

    I also have this aspect, Moon square Neptune with 2 degrees orb. At times I can't differentiate between a dream and reality, sometimes they overlap :tongue:
  7. Vagabondgirl


    You have NN in the 12th house, like me:lol: I also have gemini rising. I read many places that NN in the 12th means some mission for spiritual awareness. I also feel pulled in the direction of focusing on this "other" inner world. Sometimes it feels just as real as the physical world! Found...
  8. Vagabondgirl

    Highest form of divination?

    I have done "remote viewing" with photos of people to tell their carreer and something about them. Then I get visions, if Im in the right state of mind to receive it. It actually worked many times, unbelievably enough. The other divination about choices and results on myself is a bit harder...
  9. Vagabondgirl


    Yes, its a personality disorder. Usually the diagnosis is made if it gives you problems in everyday life and in social settings, in relation to others. There are some criterias for diagnosis, you can read it in ICD-10 classification. PDin general give emotional and behaviour problems. It is...
  10. Vagabondgirl

    Attracting crazy people & people with issues

    I think it is the 7th house that has to do with the people you interact with, the other or others. It is in libra, ruled by venus. So look at the placement of venus in the 10th in capricorn conj. uranus, which can mean unusual or eccentric people. Neptune on its negative side can point at people...
  11. Vagabondgirl

    Cruelty ... in a natal chart

    I think the worst... and maybe also one of the best aspects of my chart is Pluto conjunct Mercury (chart ruler) in scorpio in the 6th house. I can get really dark thoughts and dreams sometimes of death, disease and horrible things, at times strong obsessive thoughts about these things and it may...
  12. Vagabondgirl

    Cruelty ... in a natal chart

    I don't think that a natal chart and its aspects makes someone "cruel". Also I don't think anyone is predominantly cruel... Usually it has its reason from issues within yourself, then reflected upon the world outside you. Aspects in the natal chart affect an individual in different ways...
  13. Vagabondgirl

    Does your 7th house describe your marriage/spouse?

    I have 7th house in Sagittarius with uranus in it. I have had 2 partnert previously where they both had ASC/Sun/Mercury in Saggitarius, and was married to one of them. Now there is this longdistance relationship with a foreigner and we met online. I guess this describes the saggitarian 7th...
  14. Vagabondgirl

    karmic links between charts

    I had 3 serious relationships so far, lasting for a few years each. Still together with the 3rd one, since a little bit over a year now. I have gemini rising and 7th house in sagittarius with uranus in it. And the first 2 guys had both saggitarius ASC/Sun/Mercury... But the current one has...
  15. Vagabondgirl

    Poll: Is your rising the same as one of your parent's sun sign?

    Not true for me and my parents. Im gemini rising with libra sun. Mum is leo rising with cancer sun and my dad has pisces sun (unknown time of birth). On the other hand I have the same rising sign as my boyfriends sun (gemini), we also share the same rising sign:smile: I can only see my dads SN...
  16. Vagabondgirl

    Did you dream about your children before you had them?

    My guide told me that I would have kids, I felt it was something like 2 of them, think a girl and a boy. She also said I would have another guy, not my previous boyfriend as a husband, he seemed older and with darker complexion and had a high position in something that seemed like foreign...
  17. Vagabondgirl

    People on the astral plane

    I dont protect myself actively. This is just what happens to my when I sleep quite often, I havent tried to seek them out exactly... When I was a kid I could feel another person in my room sometimes. I havent experienced any negative spirits or anything like that before. Just one time there...
  18. Vagabondgirl

    People on the astral plane

    Are they real or just made up by your brain? Now I just spoke to a woman standing by the sofa where I fell asleep, she said her name was Miriam and tried to explain me how I will be able to have kids later and why I had a misscarriage. She was talking about some receptor, FAS receptor, to be...
  19. Vagabondgirl

    Extraterrestrial dream interpretation

    Iiiiiik! Guess what... My friend just found some strange looking bump with two small black dots inside it at the back of my neck. It looks like 2 identical pigment dots beside each other going inwards, but doesnt look like a typical pigment. Just hope its not cancer!:alien:
  20. Vagabondgirl

    Did you dream about your children before you had them?

    For me important precognitive dreams can feel different. They are very strongly emotional. Sometimes I can pick them out from the non-precognitive ones. In love matters I have always managed to do it. But I also think we can dream about future or past of others or even get telepatic input from...