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  1. stainedBlue

    If you are an astrologer, do you believe in Free Will

    I voted for total free will. However, free will in itself can mean something different for each person, so I'll try to describe my thoughts on it. I think we all have the ability to choose which actions we make in this life. We may not get everything we want simply out of willing it, but that...
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    Septile, Biseptile, and Triseptile aspects

    SSep is semiseptile and BNov is binovile, if I'm not mistaken. The former is 25° 42' 51'', the latter is 80°. This thread caught my eye as I have quite a few septile series aspects myself, including Sun biseptile Jupiter. I would describe myself a bit, but Viviene captured (quite well) what I...
  3. stainedBlue

    Parallel and Contraparallel aspects

    Dr. farr, what are your thoughts on parallels involving the lunar nodes? Have you found them to be relevant?
  4. stainedBlue

    What are you reading?

    I'm working my way through the Cambridge Ancient History series of books. Coincidentally, I bought Holden's Rhetorius book this week. I plan to start that in a few days.
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    Mars Quntile Uranus

    The planets involved (as well as their sign placement) will determine the particular expression, but generally speaking a quintile aspect is a reservoir of creative potential simply waiting to be drawn from via the two planets in aspect. With Mars quintile Uranus, one expression that comes to...
  6. stainedBlue

    Question re: Astrodeinst Eclipse Calculation Difference

    The eclipse doesn't begin until 12:14:58 UT (peak is at 14:33:00 UT according to a quick search I made). Notice the chart is generated for UT 00:00:00. I've been unable to find a place to input a specific time for transit charts on, so I don't have a solution for you; but now you know...
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    What would it mean to have natal Lilith at the anaretic degree (29) in a mutable sign

    Dr. farr, can you confirm that you're speaking of the waldemath dark moon (object h58 on, or are you speaking of the lunar apogee usually deemed "black moon" Lilith, the one that's listed in the Additional Objects list on If the latter, have you found more accuracy in the...
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    Lilith in the 1st house. ouch.

    This page will explain it better than I can:
  9. stainedBlue

    Lilith in the 1st house. ouch.

    Black Moon Lilith is associated with healing wounds represented by the sign on the 12th house cusp. Where Lilith is located by house and sign shows the way to let go of the wounds for healing. It's about facing the shadow of yourself, the part that's been traumatized, rejected, denied and...
  10. stainedBlue

    Planets 5 Degrees from House Cusps

    Latitude is how this idea came about, isn't it?
  11. stainedBlue

    How much control do we have in our lives?

    At least we can agree on the part I've emboldened. As for an illusion-free reality, I don't think complete understanding can ever truly be obtained to certify it.
  12. stainedBlue

    How much control do we have in our lives?

    No proof of what, exactly? Furthermore, why do I need to prove anything to anyone beyond myself? I'm thinking for myself, so can you tell me what it means to be unbiased? The only thing I've seen from scientific literature regarding consciousness is correlation, not causation. I don't see...
  13. stainedBlue

    How much control do we have in our lives?

    Surely you've read my previous posts in this thread, along with the context that sentence was torn from? I've already stated the physical body has a set of needs that we must satisfy, but that hardly defines who 'I' am. I've also said that I don't think free will and determinism are mutually...
  14. stainedBlue

    How much control do we have in our lives?

    What is 'nothing' without 'something' to compare it to? This seems to be your line of thinking, am I correct? If so, it seems we've come full circle to my initial post. Apparently we differ in the matter of where meaning is found and how it's applied. I am who I am, and who I am constitutes a...
  15. stainedBlue

    How much control do we have in our lives?

    Mind the qualifiers in what I wrote.
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    How much control do we have in our lives?

    Individual units make a group, not the other way around. A group cannot exist in any meaningful capacity without the individual. This is how they are different. Granted, the contrast is subtle; but it's quite significant. History shows us one form of group, the form that undermines what could be...
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    How much control do we have in our lives?

    In my opinion, I am an individual making up a part of humanity, an energetic manifestation of consciousness united _with_ the collective. In my mind individual unity doesn't equate to mass conformity. I am myself, sharing with others. I see this as different from conformity, where people are...
  18. stainedBlue

    How much control do we have in our lives?

    This is my current thinking, having wrangled with the concept of free will for a while now. Who defines the 'I' that is you? Who controls what you give to the world? Aside from those two things, what is yours to 'control'? What is yours to find happiness in? The only 'loser' I see is the person...
  19. stainedBlue

    Having trouble determining aspects

    Definitions of a stellium differ significantly according to who you talk to, though I've seen very few instances where anyone was willing to take into consideration conjunctions that cross a house cusp. At the very least, you have a stellium consisting of Jupiter, Mercury, Sun and Venus...
  20. stainedBlue

    Having trouble determining aspects

    I think JA is getting all the sextiles using aspects by sign. Your Scorpio planets are spaced two signs from your Capricorn Mars, which amounts to a sextile in spacing. By degrees, you have only two sextiles: Saturn sextile Neptune, and Pluto sextile Neptune. You're correct that you have Venus...