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  1. stainedBlue

    Lunar Return: Sublime Lady of the Night

    Today marked my lunar return, which seems particularly auspicious given last night's full moon. This is the first time I've looked at a lunar return chart, and I would be grateful if someone can give me an interpretation of what it means. I'm interested in all that can be discerned from it, but...
  2. stainedBlue

    Concerning the stellium

    Can someone give me a clear definition of what a stellium is? I've seen it stated that a stellium is: three or more planets in the same house four or more in the same house four or more in the same sign and staying within the same house the same as the previous but allowed to extend into...
  3. stainedBlue

    What stands out to you?

    I'm curious to know what stands out most when looking at my natal chart. I've read the meanings of the various aspects, but I'm still not far enough along to weave a picture. Also, I'm wondering about the stellium I have. I've found general descriptions, but none with the particular lineup I have.
  4. stainedBlue

    Hello! Let's make some leeway on this mountain.

    I've dabbled with astrology the past two years mainly looking for an efficient entrance into the subject, but never really had what I perceived as sufficient time to focus on the material. I'm feeling more interested now that I have time to give to the subject, so here I am. From what I've...