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  1. cancerman

    Leo rising charts

    ok so it's gotten just plain wierd I have been into astrology for like 6 months now and I on occasion will go to and pull a chart for that day and time just to see what happening I have also asked a few horary question to give tikana her daily horary fix and the freaky thing is every...
  2. cancerman

    spirit in my house

    so it's late I'm up by myself as usual (I like my late night me time) was standing in my room enjoying my new strings for my bass and I look out my bedroom door and down the hall towards the kitchen and standing there in plain view if only for a second was a man full on head to toe dude lol...
  3. cancerman

    about rising signs on sign cusps

    my exact birth time is unknown only an approximate time which is what I have been using my rising is leo but it's rite there on the edge of virgo I did a time check and roughly 10 minutes from the time I have been using it hits virgo :innocent: so it works out that roughly the time I was born...
  4. cancerman

    my chart + your thoughts = ?

    I have been studying my chart for a few months now I have learned a lot in that time and I am just interested in some other people views on some of the stuff in it such as the kite t-squares and cradle formations :) I am particularly drawn to the merc jup conj in my asc leo (random people will...