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    Hello,what's Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

    Pisces Tiger. :smile:
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    Conversations with a Capricorn :taurus:

    Man temporarily frightened of desires and needs. Slowly will be happy.
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    After sex comments by sun sign

    Precious !!
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    Virgoean Digest

    Have you looked into the Curse of the "J`s" in Rock music? :smile:
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    The Three Virgoes

    For no good reason, this reminds me of the time that I was stuck in an elevator. I spent about five hours with an Amway salesman, a Jehova`s Witness and this guy running for Mayor. :sideways: I forget what we talked about. :sleeping:
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    A wise idea. :wink:
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    Mayan Sun Signs

    Ha ha !! Am Pisces-Cap-Gemini Monkeyman. :lol:
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    Astrological Talismans

    Talisman. Works good. My sis is a Leo w/ poor self-image. Now, she carries a toy lion in her purse. :joyful:
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    It necessitates inner quiet and sensitivity, emptiness of selfhood. :yes
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    To anyone that would be willing to read my chart...

    You are Gifted, but complex. After some effort and struggles on your part, You will take joy in others and them with you. :wink:
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    Hmmm. Music, Art, possibly theatre.
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    Astrological aspects of these days

    Expansion causes stress in various places.
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    what is it about today?

    Sun opposite Uranus. Mercury coming to opp Uranus Moon Opp Neptune.
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    A predestined fling.
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    I need to find my calling

    ...then listen to yourself.
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    From what I can see, you`d be better off alone. Yes.
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    Am I going to die?

    . No.
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    Humaniatarian Success??

    Born under Jupiter and Pluto - eventual success and satisfaction.