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    Help! I'm freaaaking out! Did I finally meet the one?

    Rahu, God bless you for helping me. I'm not kidding when I said I'm freaking out and need help! And, WTH is all this other stuff being posted? I was just asking for a kind favor! Ha! Anyway, when you say WOW WOW WOW, I'm not sure if that's good or bad. From what I read, it doesn't sound so...
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    Help! I'm freaaaking out! Did I finally meet the one?

    OH! I was wanting someone to look at a relationship chart more than a natal reading...
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    Help! I'm freaaaking out! Did I finally meet the one?

    Please help me! I've been searching for someone forever and started to believe it wasn't my destiny to get married. I'm 45 and met a fellow that for the first time, feels like someone I could marry. I'm freaking out! I seriously need some input on whether or not this looks like he could be my...
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    How important are planets conjuncing the Vertex in compatibility?

    I've heard that the Vertex is important in synastry, so I'm wondering how true it is. Like, what would the Sun conjunct Vertex mean? It is positive? Or just fated, which could be good or bad? Or what about a planet like Neptune conjunct the Vertex? Would it suggest soul mate material, or a...
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    Are some composite aspects doomed?

    I did a composite chart that has only one aspect with the sun, but it's sun conjunct venus. The moon is square uranus. Is that not good? It also has moon trine jupiter and sextile saturn, so does that help with the square? My real concern is the mars aspects, particulary mars square saturn. I...
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    Sudden windfall or losses!?

    I think it would help if you posted your chart. I'm not quite sure about what aspects you are speaking. In general, Pluto conjunct Moon transit would herald an emotionally tumultuous time, where much of your unconscious emotional/psychic conditioning will be pulled up through crisis/dramas...
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    Full Moon at Solar Return

    Hello all, What would having a full moon, or Sun opposite Moon during a Solar Return indicate? In what ways can this be positive? Or what things should I look forward to playing out?
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    Is Neptune square MC a no go?

    I'm seriously considering a move to start a new day spa business in San Diego. I'm not experienced in relocation astrology, but from what I've read, the Neptune square MC aspect isn't good for career issues. What orbs are used? If I move up north to Los Angeles the orb widens, but it's 1'31"...
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    Next Solar Eclipse: 10th May 2013 .... stellium TAURUS !

    Hello, I'm really curious how this eclipse might effect me. I've been through a hard time with losing my career path. I've struggled with knowing what the next career path is for me, with no answers. But only in the last few months I received an expected inheritance and can start my own...
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    What is your Ascendant in your relocated chart and how does it influence you?

    I'm considering a move that will have a leo rising, with my sun staying in the same natal 12th house. I'm wondering if that will help me "get out" of the 12th house of hiding? The only concern I have though, is now, Saturn is squaring the ASC with an orb of 4' 44". Would this orb be...
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    What does mars risingj/pluto upper paran line mean?

    The same question also is for the mars rising/uranus upper paran line. Would relocating to this area be positive or negative? Cheers!
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    Thougts/experiences on progressed Moon opposite Neptune?

    I'm just curious to see how this progression might pan out. Since it seems to be a difficult aspect, what might someone do to mitigate its effects?
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    How to interpret a yod?

    Hi folks, I have difficulty in interpreting the yod configuration. Depending on the orbs used, I supposedly have two in my chart. One is with with Mars in 5th as the focal point, in quincunx to a Sun in 12th sexilte Saturn in 10th. The other is with Saturn in 10th as focal point, quincunx Mars...
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    career as an astrologer?

    I have considered it, but as a school teacher or even college. But, that requires degrees in education and teaching certification, which is too long for me to do, so I nixed it. However, I really like the idea of teaching astrology! I think I have issues with feeling I need proper...
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    Pluto and Uranus transits to Midheaven

    I'm experiencing both Pluto squaring my MC, and Uranus conjunct my MC for the next two years. To top it off, I'm also in a Neptune square Mars transit, and Mars is my Midheaven ruler. I've already had to painfully let go of an old career, but I'm still in the process of figuring out what my...
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    career as an astrologer?

    Hi, I'm in the midst of a mid-life crisis and am considering a new career. I'm totally clueless as what direction to go. I'm in a huge fog, which is unfortunate since I need to make a move ASAP. I don't want to do what I've done in the past anymore. I've had a couple astrologers tell me I...
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    why aren't angles, nodes included in configurations?

    Something I don't understand is the belief that natal configurations aren't valid unless they include planets only. Why would that be, when the angles themselves are critical in importance, along with sun/moon in chart interpretation? And why wouldn't the nodes be included, since they are also...
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    PLUTO Headed for my natal stellium.

    It's probably best to post a chart. It depends on aspects it makes to natal chart...
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    Death by Transit?!? D:<

    Hahaha Double frick! I have to say you make me laugh! good sense of humour!
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    PLUTO Headed for my natal stellium.

    Oh lord, put on your seat belt because you are in for one kind of a ride through the Underworld! Actually, it won't really be in orb until Jan. 2014 starting with Mars and won't be out of orb of until it passes Uranus until January 2021.You'll have gotten a taste of what Pluto is asking you to...