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  1. cassanra

    My Sun and Moon being hit by both Saturn and Uranus transits

    Having something similar passing with sun squared by both uranus and saturn and SAturn conjunct moon square sun you should already have begun to know what this is going to be about. My solar return was in June. So ....ruler of the house in 12th...not so good. Since your sun is under attack and...
  2. cassanra

    Solar Return 2010/2011 Grand square.Opinions?

    What natal house is rising? That should lead the reading. It does look a bit awesome. A lot of energy in there and with sun and moon involved in the square it does appear challenge will be felt in multiple ways. If we just take the moons movement as you would a horary...
  3. cassanra

    I'm depressed.

    Wonderful, wonderful:joyful: My theory is that we feel it...we feel the energy. Honestly I have not being paying much attention lately to the stars...I have been up to my ears in work, traveling, helping my mom etc....(curious moon, saturn =mom) anyway it seemed like I was becoming increasingly...
  4. cassanra

    8/5/09 Eclipse

    Eclipses need to hit a planet my conjunction or opposition only...It needs to be quite close in aspect with in a few some suggest looking at the planet it will pass over but this one today is rated at a strength of 2 on a scale of 1 to 7 7 being I think it would need...
  5. cassanra

    Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Aug 5

    It hit my Uranus at 13 degrees Leo. I am not sure anything much happened ....yet....sort of ....maybe...I was very tense these last few days, terrible headache but so far (knock on wood) no major surprises or sudden changes.
  6. cassanra

    Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Aug 5

    This lunar eclipse is a dragons head eclipse and means culmination creates opening;soul and emotion; joy...but I am not hearing the joy yet...maybe it will come.
  7. cassanra

    I'm depressed.

    Well the good news is you could be wrong. My natal moon is at 22'59 degrees Virgo. Transiting Saturn has been doing a tap dance around moon in the 6th , ruler of my 4th and 5th houses. Talk about depressed...bitter, angry, too much reality...I am old fat and gray and all my body parts are...
  8. cassanra

    Progressed Solar Returns

    I have not heard of this technique. If you have resources for information on this I would appreciate it.
  9. cassanra

    Will I see this guy again? Is this a chance encounter or a karmic connection?

    A translator is typically a third person. In this case, as it is in his house this third person most likely is either a former love interest or someone who cares about him.
  10. cassanra

    What will happen to me in August?

    would you mind posting your solar return for this year? Certainly pluto squaring the sun with mars could indicate an accident of course and I would be quite careful. But alot depends on the house rising in a solar that might tell us something.
  11. cassanra

    Love And Seduction By Starlight

    darn, loading error...should have known:)
  12. cassanra

    My Solar Return 2009/2010

    The only thing I would add to the great interpretations above is the opposition of venus and pluto/ moon signifying some interpersonal power struggles. As Venus occupies the solar 9th this could lead to legal issues or some form of situation in which an outside expert is consulted of the 9th...
  13. cassanra

    Will I see this guy again? Is this a chance encounter or a karmic connection?

    Karmic is usually indicated by significant planets ie you or the querant or house cusp in the same degree as the north node. In this case it would be 0 degrees. That is the fated degree. Actually mercury is out of range. The fact that jupiter (you) is in a separating opposition to the 7th house...
  14. cassanra

    Lunar eclipse at 13 Aqua

    The August 5th eclipse is a dragons head lunar eclipse with a strength of 2 with 1 being the lowest and 7 the highest. . Eclipses: Predicting world events and personal Transformation by Celeste Teal pg 113 The planet and its house location are the key to the answer. This eclipse will conjunct...
  15. cassanra

    What will happen to me in August?

    Not to go off topic but I generally use a lunar return and solar as a backdrop for the over all point. You start with a solar and then look for placement of the sun or the most heavily occupied houses for timing of the most significant months ie angular first part of year, succeedent 2nd and...
  16. cassanra

    solar return chart

    Its not too early to plan ahead. Usually the last three months prior to the birthday show an energy change that might begin to reflect the energy for the upcoming year. It is good to watch the three lunar returns prior the the birth day for that reason. For me to read a solar return the natal...
  17. cassanra

    solar return very close to solar eclipse

    Yes, yes, quite right. The only caution I have is your natal opposition of mars and neptune. This energy has been activated by the trine of transiting neptune to mars. And with neptune and jupiter so close together watch for either self-deception or deception from 'open enemies'. Mars in hard...
  18. cassanra

    Am I going to be rolocated

    You are jupiter ruling the first house. The 4th house is where you live now and it is also ruled by jupiter. That to me is a first clue. Where you might move too is ruled by the 7th which is 4th from the 4th. It is ruled by merc. Jupiter has just passed an opposition to merc. It is really hard...
  19. cassanra

    solar return very close to solar eclipse

    I would read the eclipse so close to your natal sun as significant in and of itself and bringing an emphasis to its placement. Hmmm...well and the sun appears to be one of the planets most prominent in the chart in addition to natal venus so what ever eclipse energy is going on will be made...
  20. cassanra

    mercury exact conjunct retro venus in SR

    You do have some interesting dynamics going on this year for sure. First, if we just look at the outer planets tranist Saturn is conjunct your natal Pluto which I am sure you have been feeling for some time. If this is in your 8th solar house than it could imply a lot of things but in the 9th...