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    John Frawley lectures

    Hi all, I posted this earlier under the Horary forum, but thought I'd share here as well. John Frawley started issuing lectures on natal and horary astrology a few months ago. If you're interested in learning more about traditional astrology, I wholeheartedly recommend them. Here's a link for...
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    John Frawley horary lectures

    Hi all, I've been listening to John Frawley's horary lectures, and they are excellent (and reasonably priced). I thought I'd share a link to the subscription page if you're interested. So far 12 have been released (about an hour each) in which he discusses all kinds of charts (which are also...
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    Read my chart and I'll read yours in return.

    Part of Spirit (think "Super Sun") is on Algenubi (the mouth of the Lion, Leo), conjunct your Ascendant. This would account for having a strong opinion, always saying--demanding--what you want. I am Lion, hear me roar! Katy Perry's recent hit comes to mind. :-) Lord 1 (Venus) and Lord 7 (Mars)...
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    Yes, no, perhaps?

    I would say yes. In relationship questions, querent gets Lord 1 and the Moon (and Venus, since you're a woman and this is a straight relationship...if it were two woman we wouldn't know who to give Venus to so we'd have to throw it out of consideration. Ditto for the Sun and m/m relationships)...
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    Will we Have a Relationship Again?

    Sorry to hear it hasn't worked out as hoped! :-( In light of what you've said...and looking back at the original post, the chart is quite eloquent. Your significators, the Sun and the Moon, sit on the Ascendant. In a fixed sign. So you're "at home". And staying there (because Leo is a fixed...
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    Is he getting feelings for someone else?

    Yes. Lord 7 in such tight conjunction with Mars--someone else that is not you--is a tell tale sign in the context of your question.
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    Is my husband cheating on me again?

    Wow this thread has been seriously hijacked! Yes, he is cheating. Lord 7, Saturn, is conjunct Mars. He's been with someone else.
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    Robin williams....

    Progressions (8/11/2014) Asc: 3.38 Capricorn MC: 28.47 Libra Sun: 29.02 Virgo Moon: 25.43 Gemini Fortuna: 0.19 Libra Spirit: 6.56 Aries Lord Asc is Mars. Lord 8 (death) is Mercury. Lord 12 (self undoing) is Venus. Sun is Lord 10 and also co-significator of the native, along with the Moon. So...
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    Will we Have a Relationship Again?

    Also, can you please elaborate on what you mean by "he changed me"? It's an interesting thing to say in the context of this question (because both the Sun and Moon are in Leo...both of your significators are most interested in "Me" as opposed to this other one other read on this is...
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    Will we Have a Relationship Again?

    First the question about the 12th house planets. In general I don't place much emphasis on house placement unless it's relevant to the question. For example, in a contest horary you judge a planet to be weak in the 12th (so if the other team's planet was on the MC, you could say it was more...
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    Will we Have a Relationship Again?

    There actually is an aspect: the Moon applies to oppose Saturn by antiscion. In fact, since the Moon separates from the Sun, it is translating from Sun to Saturn. The problem is the negative reception. Sun/Moon in detriment of Saturn and Saturn in fall of the Moon. I don't think this bodes...
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    Can I afford to retire now?

    Not sextile, but trine. And yes I agree, not the best of receptions, which I think is consistent with what she's saying. What kind of chart would say "yes, retire this month?" in your opinion? Lord 2 in exaltation or own sign only?
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    Can I afford to retire now?

    Lord 2--your finances--is Saturn as mentioned above. Although peregrine, I don't think this in itself is a negative. We already know you're not super rich, otherwise you wouldn't be asking the question. I think negative testimony would be to see Lord 2 going down the drain somehow (eg if...
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    Will our relationship get better? (heal)

    Uranus on the Ascendant and Pluto (possibly a bit too far) on the MC definitely confirm what you're saying--you and Mom are under a lot of stress. Your significators are Lord 1 (Mars) and the Moon. Mom gets Lord 10 (Saturn). The receptions aren't good here, and unfortunately, it doesn't look...
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    Is that it?

    I would judge "No". An aspect between Lord 1 and Lord 5 is the strongest testimony of conception. Here we have one (Mercury trine Saturn) though the aspect is applying, which in the context of the question, shows that Mum (Lord 1) and Baby (Lord 5) have not yet come into contact. So major...
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    Transits causing anxiety with partner

    The progressed angles are picking up Jupiter in Virgo, which I think might be part of the problem. Also, progressed Mercury (weak malefic in the radix) separates from conjunction with the Sun and applies to progressed MC. To clarify--he's always had anxiety issues, only recently (the past two...
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    Please interprete my natal chart!

    Hi 0486, I think it's hard if not impossible to do a reading without additional input (which helps the astrologer calibrate the chart to a context). The same astrological statement can manifest in so many different ways. That said, a couple of remarks about your chart... Your temperament is...
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    Does my chart show any talents or abilities?

    Hi Sean, I wouldn't worry too much about the placement of the Sun in your chart. Where it lands tells us only what time of day you were born. It most definitely is not true that everyone born shortly after sunrise shares some characteristic (e.g., introversion or poor leadership skills). Both...
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    will I marry in 2015?

    Going back to your original question--whether horary can answer this kind of question...yes, it can. As long as the question is sufficiently motivated. Frawley (a famous horary astrologer) discussed this recently on his website--he won't take questions such as "When will I sell my house?"...
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    will my brother get the job?

    Oops I mean the Sun is Lord 7.